Council Commitment Index​

Knowing that words alone are not enough, each organization is making a series of commitments about how we will operate our institutions to advance Inclusive Capitalism.

TO DATE WE HAVE 235 Commitments

Organization Priority Areas Commitment SDGs
Amundi Amundi commits to increasing social cohesion and solidarity by increasing the Finance&Solidarité fund from AuM €200m to €500m by 2021.
Bank of America Bank of America is committed to provide $1 billion through 2024 of additional support to help local communities address economic and racial inequality accelerated by a global pandemic.
Bank of America Bank of America's Pathways Program is a 5-year commitment to hire 10,000 individuals from low- and moderate-income neighborhoods into the bank's Consumer and Small Business division, and to provide skills training including with non-profit partners.
Bank of America Through our partnership with the Tory Burch Foundation Capital Program, Bank of America is committing to provide $100 million in capital to connect women small business owners to affordable loans.
Bank of America Bank of America remains committed to hiring and supporting military personnel and their families who contribute so much to our company, our communities and our country.
Bank of America Bank of America is committing to expanding access to training to reach 50,000 women small business owners through enrollment in the Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell.
Office of the California State Treasurer Expand thrift programs such as saving for higher education, retirement and caring for those Californians with disabilities by providing accessibility of our capitalistic system’s forces for vulnerable persons.
Office of the California State Treasurer We are committed to providing a retirement savings program for private sector workers whose employers do not offer a retirement plan by aiming to enroll hundreds of thousands of actively contributing participants into CalSavers by 2023.
Office of the California State Treasurer We commit to helping people with disabilities realize the opportunity to save and grow their money in tax-advantaged accounts by increasing program enrollment in CalABLE by 250% by December 2030.
DuPont DuPont will use science and innovation to address global challenges by aligning 100% of our innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the UN SDGs by 2030, creating shared value for our global stakeholders and society.
DuPont DuPont will improve the lives of over 100 million people in communities worldwide by 2030, expanding our social impact through signature partnerships, establishing regional advisory councils, and investing in environmental and community impact.
Estée Lauder Companies In June 2020, The Estée Lauder Companies committed to address racial equity by ensuring Black employees have equal access to leadership trainings and talent planning and development processes.
EY EY commits to equipping employees with future-facing skills by awarding a total of 200,000 EY badges, certifications for skills/training in digital skills, by the end of FY22.
EY EY commits to developing its workforce to navigate unprecedented change and encourage them to never stop learning by awarding 1,000 Tech MBAs by the end of FY23.
EY EY commits to promoting access to education during the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing consumption of virtual learning to 70% (from 56% of all learning consumed in FY20) by the end of FY21.
Guardian Life Guardian Life commits to proactively reskiling employees for the changing work environment by providing paths for all colleagues to earn a degree with no debt and provide reskilling opportunities for those displaced by automation.
Guardian Life Guardian Life commits to making communities future-ready by increasing the number of partner grants to support community education and health by 50% by the end of 2020.
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to racial and ethnic diversity and commits to launch a summer internship program for people from underrepresented and underserved communities of color, across a group of 4 regional investment firms.
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to racial and ethnic diversity. By 2022, in our capacity as board governance committee members, In-Cap will advocate for portfolio companies to have at least 10% of all board seats held by racial or ethnic minorities
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to encouraging our education-related portfolio companies to promote affordable education to reduce dependence on federal student debt funding, increase employer-sponsored education benefits and link executive compensation by 2021.
Johnson & Johnson Accelerate diverse talent development to create upward potential across employee populations by providing leadership development programs; some programs have seen 33% participants promoted or move laterally in either the year of attendance or after.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson commits to advance employee digital acumen and understanding of technology in key areas such as data science, automation and digital experience through continued skills training.
Johnson & Johnson Support the advancement of women in STEM, Manufacturing and Design (STEM2D) by providing mentorship and scholar awards of $150,000 over three years to assistant or associate academic professors around the world in STEM2D fields.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is committed to create jobs and economic empowerment in the communities in which we live and work by hiring employees with experience in STEM, manufacturing and design and re-hiring those with a two-year or longer career gap.
Johnson & Johnson We commit to support and empower entrepreneurs and the life science ecosystem by identifying and investing in new and diverse collaborators through our four Innovation Centers and 13 Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS facilities around the world.
Mastercard Mastercard is promoting gender equality by building STEM knowledge and develop critical skills that girls need, and spark their curiosity in STEM by continuing our signature STEM program, Girls4Tech™, to reach five million by 2025.
Salesforce Salesforce empowers our global employees, customers and partners to become engaged citizen philanthropists in the communities where they live and work. By 2025, our goal is to mentor 15K job seekers, reach 300K job seekers, scale to 100 career events
Salesforce Salesforce strives to ensure that opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem are open, fair, and empowering for all globally. We will work to increase the representation of URM in leadership by 50%, and increase Black and URM employees in the U.S.
State Street Corporation Help launch initiative to provide financing and advice to small minority-owned businesses; increase our procurement spend with diverse vendors by 2022.
V12 Marketing V12 Marketing will work to promote economic growth for both businesses and workers on a global basis, working to increase employment and services in emerging economies by 50% by 2024.
Visa Inc. Visa will promote employee inclusion and diversity in our talent pipeline by implementing our Visa Black Scholars & Jobs Program to provide $10 million in scholarships and guarantee full-time jobs at Visa to those who fulfill requirements.
Visa Inc. Visa supports economic opportunity by enhancing career opportunities for 14,500 individuals, both within and outside Visa’s workforce, over a five-year period.
Visa Inc. Visa will digitally enable 50 million small and micro businesses (SMBs) worldwide by the end of 2023 through a range of locally designed programs and solutions to enable SMBs to drive efficiency and sales.

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