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Members of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism share their best ideas and business actions for a more inclusive and sustainable capitalism on this platform. Business leaders can explore leading private sector actions and apply learnings to their own operations. The result is the most comprehensive public platform of private sector actions that profitably create value for everyone — employees, communities, shareholders, and the planet. The commitments to action in this collection are…


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We map our members’ commitments to action against existing frameworks for change, including the World Economic Forum International Business Council’s pillars for sustainable value creation — People, Planet, Principles of Governance, and Prosperity — and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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We invite leaders of every business, of all sizes and across sectors and geographies, to join us and contribute initiatives and actions to this platform. By sharing how you operate your business to support a more equitable and sustainable economy, you multiply your impact by helping others recognize actions they can take.

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Organization Priority Areas Commitment SDGs
Able City By 2025, Able City will train 100% of architectural and planning associates to perform life cycle analysis on all projects; employees will be expected to educate and persuade clients to adhere to a high standard of climate stewardship.
Able City Able City will support the community by inaugurating a three-week paid fellowship in 2022. Fellows will be freshmen and sophomores at local community colleges; no previous experience required. Underrepresented groups will be encouraged to apply.
Ad Maiora Ad Maiora's team is the breathing heart of our organisation. We want to enhance the quality of life of the workforce by dedicating 20% of employees' time to personal and/or professional development by 2022.
Akfen Holding Akfen Holding commits to providing free and high-quality technical education for people regardless of their religion, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds by 2024.
Akfen Holding Akfen Holding will provide sustainability/climate action training to all its employees by 2024.
Anglo American Anglo American's vision is for all children in our host communities to have access to excellent education and training with schools in host communities performing within the top 30% of state schools nationally by 2025.
Astrid Astrid's technology will enable 10 million young learners by 2025 to become fluent, confident English speakers, thereby opening up the global talent market and supporting a path to a brighter future.
Ayala Corporation Ayala will support full and productive employment and decent work for all and equal pay for work of equal value by ensuring employment remuneration is 10 to 20% above the industry average through Ayala Corporation.
Bank of America Bank of America is committed to provide $1 billion through 2024 of additional support to help local communities address economic and racial inequality accelerated by a global pandemic.
Bank of America Bank of America's Pathways Program is a 5-year commitment to hire 10,000 individuals from low- and moderate-income neighborhoods into the bank's Consumer and Small Business division, and to provide skills training including with non-profit partners.
Bank of America Through our partnership with the Tory Burch Foundation Capital Program, Bank of America is committing to provide $100 million in capital to connect women small business owners to affordable loans.
Bank of America Bank of America remains committed to hiring and supporting military personnel and their families who contribute so much to our company, our communities and our country.
Bank of America Bank of America is committing to expanding access to training to reach 50,000 women small business owners through enrollment in the Bank of America Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell.
Baobabooks Education Sàrl Our business model is to provide our platform to schools for an annual fee based on the number of users. We provide our platform for free to schools from under-served geographies with a goal of 50 schools using our platform for free by end of 2022.
BELEAP BELEAP® is committed to the importance of lifelong learning and especially applied micro-learning on the job by incentivizing participation in certification programs for at least 30% of our independent professionals by 2023.
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) BCG is committed to advancing racial equity across racial and ethnic identities facing societal inequality and injustice by investing $100 million into talent resources by 2025.
Bowmans Bowmans commits to donating ZAR 2.8 million per annum for each of the next three years towards supporting secondary schools in underrepresented and underprivileged communities and running a Bursary Programme open to university students.
Bowmans Bowmans commits to advancing racial equity across racial and ethnic identities facing societal inequality and injustice by increasing the pool of law schools from which it recruits by 2023.
BP We aim to enable a just transition for the workforce by driving education and employment initiatives and programmes with industry partners. We plan to publish 2025 and 2030 metrics and targets/aims for the initiatives and programmes in 2023.
BP We will support our workforce through fair wage and remuneration, developing and reporting 2025 and 2030 targets for fair wage and remuneration to be published in 2022.
Office of the California State Treasurer We commit to helping people with disabilities realize the opportunity to save and grow their money in tax-advantaged accounts by increasing program enrollment in CalABLE by 250% by December 2030.
Defined Impact Group Defined Impact is committed to supporting and empowering at least 5,000 vulnerable smallholder farmers buying, planting, consuming, and selling nutritious crops, 30% of whom will be youths under the age of 29 by 2023.
Defined Impact Group Defined Impact is committed to supporting and empowering at least 5,000 vulnerable smallholder farmers buying, planting, consuming, and selling nutritious crops, 50% of which will be women by 2023.
Dress Green Limited Dress Green will promote diversity and inclusion by increasing the number of jobs for elderly and housewives to 5 by 2025.
DuPont DuPont will use science and innovation to address global challenges by aligning 100% of our innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the UN SDGs by 2030, creating shared value for our global stakeholders and society.
DuPont DuPont will improve the lives of over 100 million people in communities worldwide by 2030, expanding our social impact through signature partnerships, establishing regional advisory councils, and investing in environmental and community impact.
Emerald Peak Private Equity Emerald Peak aims to increase the percentage of portfolio companies' staff that receive in-house vocational training to 100% within our first year of operations.
Eni S.p.A. Eni will ensure access to quality and inclusive education for students from local communities ensuring between 2021-2024 to almost 67,300 students attending schools.
Environmental Management Centre LLP Environmental Management Centre LLP will influence investors to be accountable, responsible and inclusive with a target that by 2030 we influence at least 20% of private investments in South Asia.
EY EY committed to equipping employees with future-facing skills by awarding a total of 200,000 EY badges, certifications for skills/training in digital skills, by the end of FY22.
EY EY commits to developing its workforce to navigate unprecedented change and encourage them to never stop learning. Through the EY Tech and Sustainability MBA programs we expect more than 250 graduates in the coming fiscal year.
EY EY commits to promoting access to education by increasing consumption of virtual learning by the end of FY23.
EY EY STEM App is an innovative gamified mobile platform for girls aged 13—18 that aims to inspire and support them in STEM to create a more equitable future. In the coming year, we aim to engage 100,000 users through the platform by 2022.
FreschBeer SAS One Love Craft Bière will employ a person for a role and ask them to suggest what area and of development they inspire to achieve. Every employee will be in a mentoring/training program by 2025.
Hudson McKenzie We aim to further our ESG programme with initiatives in the areas of Pro-Bono, Community, Diversity & Inclusion, Environment, Supply Chain and Ethics & Risk Management by September 2023.
IBM IBM commits to providing 30 million people of all ages globally with skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow by 2030.
IFRS Training IFRS Training commits to providing free access to essential industry knowledge and training to 25 women annually through the Annual IFRS AFRICA Symposium to advance gender equality and skill development.
IFRS Training IFRS Training commits to providing free access to essential industry knowledge and training to 50 people annually through the Annual IFRS AFRICA Symposium irrespective of race, religion or socio-economic background.
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to racial and ethnic diversity and commits to launch a summer internship program for people from underrepresented and underserved communities of color, across a group of 4 regional investment firms.
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to racial and ethnic diversity. By 2022, in our capacity as board governance committee members, In-Cap will advocate for portfolio companies to have at least 10% of all board seats held by racial or ethnic minorities
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to encouraging our education-related portfolio companies to promote affordable education to reduce dependence on federal student debt funding, increase employer-sponsored education benefits and link executive compensation by 2021.
ISOLFIN Isolfin will open, by 2025, an academy devoted to professional training. Employee will have the opportunity to extend their skills to other areas, grow and, eventually, change responsibilities should they wish to.
Liquidynamix Limited Before the start of the year 2023 we will have raised our finance goals, recruiting staff from deprived areas poorly funded by central Government. We will provide 100 hours of free training to each of our employees per year.
LVS Capital Limited LVS will promote diversity and gender equality by investing in companies developing a diverse group of talent with a minimum of 20% of the employees of different ethnicities and a 30% increase in women as senior management by 2024.
Mastercard Mastercard is promoting gender equality by building STEM knowledge and develop critical skills that girls need, and spark their curiosity in STEM by continuing our signature STEM program, Girls4Tech™, to reach five million by 2025.
MathsGee MathsGee will promote inclusive access to quality STEM education for the future of work by providing its free learning tools and resources to at least 8 million learners across the globe by December 2025.
Montrose Capital Advisors, LLC Montrose will work to expand the sponsor base by at least two new full sponsors within the next year to enable 8 students to sustain access to quality Jesuit education.
MotaWord MotaWord commits itself to reach out, employ and train women from areas of the world where access to gainful employment opportunities are scarce; in an effort to provide them with remote work and economic empowerment by January 2025.
Motorola Solutions, Inc. To create safer and equitable communities, our Foundation will prioritize our annual grant funding to first responder & tech/engineering education organizations, committing over 50% to those focused on supporting underrepresented groups by 2022.
Movii MOVii is committed to addressing the high unemployment rate in Colombia and provided youth with skills to succeed by ensuring 25% of our workforce are under 28 years old by the end of 2021.

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