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Members of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism share their best ideas and business actions for a more inclusive and sustainable capitalism on this platform. Business leaders can explore leading private sector actions and apply learnings to their own operations. The result is the most comprehensive public platform of private sector actions that profitably create value for everyone — employees, communities, shareholders, and the planet. The commitments to action in this collection are…


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We map our members’ commitments to action against existing frameworks for change, including the World Economic Forum International Business Council’s pillars for sustainable value creation — People, Planet, Principles of Governance, and Prosperity — and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Members share progress update on their inclusive capitalism commitments

Our members know that sharing progress against these commitments is a crucial part of learning and enabling others to act. This year, the Council surveyed members who made commitments with end dates from 2021 and 2022 to ask how they have made progress in their work. Our inaugural update report explores successes and challenges companies are experiencing with action taken, provides early insights into the inclusive capitalism movement, and highlights company updates.

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Organization Priority Areas Commitment SDGs
Instellar Instellar is committed to grow 100 impactful businesses in Indonesia in revenues and social impact by 2024.
Alpha Sigma Capital Organization to utilize family foundation to support educational initiatives in challenged communities through innovation and entrepreneurship programs by the end of 2021.
Anglo American Anglo American's vision is for shared, sustainable prosperity in our host communities by creating three jobs created/supported off-site for every job on-site by 2025 and five by 2030.
Ascent Leadership Networks Ascent will promote diversity in the workplace by focusing at least two-thirds of our work in 2022 on supporting leaders and organizations to better identify, develop and retain diverse talent.
Auspice Social Auspice Social will promote skill development, employment creation, financial and social inclusion for adults with autism by creating 100 jobs in 2022 as a first benchmark.
Ayala Corporation Ayala will support anti-poverty frameworks resulting in 50% reduction of extreme poverty in AFI project areas by 2030 through Ayala Foundation.
Ayala Corporation Ayala will champion Universal Health Coverage in the country, touching the lives of one in five Filipinos by 2030 through AC Health.
Ayala Corporation Increase access to a progressive and quality education to help prepare the next generation of the workforce.
Ayala Corporation Ayala will expand access to banking and financial services to 25% of the underbanked population of the Philippines through Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).
Ayala Corporation ACEN commits to protect communities, including indigenous populations and vulnerable populations, possibly be affected by our new project developments and operations. We will develop a framework for measuring progress by 2023.
Base64.ai Base64.ai is committed to creating systems and solutions for anyone to become a remote document reviewer by Q1 2023.
BP We aim to support sustainable livelihoods development for communities where we operate (priority bp sites and businesses), disclosing progress against targets and impact measures by 2025.
BP We aim to support civic dialogue, transparency, and building local capacity. We plan to publish 2025 and 2030 targets/aims for this objective in 2023.
buyVerde buyVerde commits to supporting diverse founders of CPG businesses with an ESG focus, raise awareness to consumers about brand values, and make it easy to find and shop for products from diverse businesses by building a Shopify sales channel by 2023.
Office of the California State Treasurer Expand thrift programs such as saving for higher education, retirement and caring for those Californians with disabilities by 250% by December 2030.
CRGO Law CRGO Law will provide pro bono support to 12 historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs and small businesses by May 1, 2023.
Deloitte Global Deloitte seeks to expand opportunities for 100 million individuals by 2030 by providing access to education and job skills through its signature societal impact initiative, WorldClass.
Discussion Partner Collaborative LLC By December 2021 Discussion Partners will expand our Alliance Company affiliations by 40% to include Women and Minority Owned start-ups whose strategic mission is to support DEI initiatives via thought leadership and PR promotions.
Dukaly Online Dukaly will promote the digital economy for micro, small and medium enterprises by developing a platform to enable them to leverage e-commerce, improving their business processes and enabling small traders live more fulfilling lives by 2030.
Eden Life Eden Life will create and facilitate the delivery of 100 million service jobs by 2030.
Emerald Peak Private Equity Emerald Peak is an impact private equity fund looking to deploy 150 million USD into Central America and similarly underdeveloped regions in Latin America to fight against poverty and inequalities in this region by 2023.
Estée Lauder Companies We commit to at least double the amount we spend with Black-owned businesses over the next three years.
Estée Lauder Companies Increase spend with women-owned businesses to $150 million (per fiscal year) by fiscal 2025.
EY EY will help impact 15 million youth by 2022, through its association with the Alliance for YOUth, a business-driven movement of 21 international private companies, passionate about building a better future for younger generations.
EY EY collaborates with Unilever and the UK’s FCDO through the £90m TRANSFORM program to deliver market-based solutions to the world’s biggest development challenges with the goal to impact 15 million lives by 2025.
EY EY aims to positively impact 250 million lives by 2025 and 1 billion lives by 2030.
FUNDES FUNDES is committed to sustainable development by reaching 500,000 micro and small businesses within its networks of changemakers in Latin America by 2025 to enhance social wellbeing while generating prosperity for their communities.
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR) The Global Humanitarian Reserve commits to building homes in less fortunate communities in Mexico and Belize, with the goal of creating thousands of jobs by 2030.
High Touch Investor Relations HTIR will promote equal economic opportunity by coaching, guiding, and, in some cases, providing early-stage capital to at least 20 companies by the year 2023. At least half of these companies should be run by women and/or underrepresented founders.
Hispanic Wealth, LLC Hispanic Wealth will promote financial inclusion among minorities by providing culturally-adequate financial literacy courses to 10,000 adults by 2023.
iconik iconik will support the SDGs by implementing a model shareholder voting profile and working with asset managers to vote $10B of assets according to the profile by the end of 2023.
Impact Planet Impact Planet is committed to support and grow communities of 'purpose' by providing tools for effective impactful knowledge-sharing that enables individuals & organisations to better contribute to more sustainable societies & economies by Q2-2023
In Place Impact In Place Impact wants to certify 300 people by the end of 2022; 1,750 by the end of 2025; and 6,000 by the end of 2030 in Impact Economics. Each person certified will start their own businesses to embed Impact Economics within their own communities.
inploi Inploi is committed to expanding into the USA, bringing our solutions to a market in need of improved jobs technology/access by completing the feasibility evaluation and market entry plan by December 31 2022.
inploi inploi will promote enhanced access to job opportunities and economic inclusion by accelerating investment into the distribution of our technology with the goal of reaching 7,000,000 job seekers by December 2023.
iPowerz iPowerz will digitally support and fast-track at least a million new, micro, or small businesses by 2030 to foster inclusive prosperity worldwide and democratise capitalism.
Just Skills Hub – SkillLab The Just Skills Hub and SkillLab are part of the labor inclusion puzzle and aims to support 1.000.000 workers that are affected by the transition to a green economy by 2026.
Mākhers Studio Mākhers Studio will promote diversity, equity, and inclusion by increasing the number of minority women and refugee women in sub-construction roles by 100% by 2024.
MarketForce MarketForce Technologies Inc. will promote economic prosperity of underserved populations across Africa by committing to a 2025 target of training 100,000 small shop owners on business skills and earning more income.
MarketForce MarketForce Technologies Inc. will promote economic prosperity of underserved populations across Africa by committing to a 2025 target of facilitating stock loan access to 50,000 small shop owners.
MarketForce MarketForce Technologies Inc. will promote economic prosperity of underserved populations across Africa by committing to a 2025 target of training and providing 5,000 youth in gig sales employment.
MGG Investment Group MGG Investment Group is committed to providing $100 million of loans to small and mid-size businesses and firms owned, controlled, or managed by women and/or people of color by 2024.
Mikro Kapital Mikro Kapital will promote diversity and inclusion by increase the number of its female clients by making its services to 33% in 2025.
MPAC solutions MPAC Solutions is committed to creating diverse inclusive wealth by facilitating $1B economic activity for underserved business professionals in 2021.
MPAC solutions Launch FinTech Business Center by Q4 2021 for underserved and social impact businesses.
M&T Bank The M&T Charitable Foundation will allocate $250,000 total, over the next 3 years, for the People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo)'s 2,500 square foot Net-Zero Sustainable Workforce Training Center.
OurBanc Corporation OurBanc commits to facilitating access to patient and mission-aligned capital of $100 million by December 2025 and $1 billion by December 2030 to minority-owned companies and institutions.
Partners in Digital Health PDH will launch a global Open Access Blockchain Registry for current public or private organizations with a product/service using blockchain & DLT in healthcare to enable borderless community & partnership with 1000 global registrants in 2021.
PayPal PayPal made $108M to advance financial inclusion and economic empowerment for women and girls around the world by 2026.
Peacebeam Peacebeam is committed to promoting economic inclusivity by completing a merchant pilot for KindePay based on its 2021 White Paper. The Pilot will complete by early 2023 and KindePay will be deployed exclusively by Peacebeam by end 2022.
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