Partners in Digital Health (PDH) is a forward-reaching publishing and communications company catalyzing global strategic thought leaders and multidisciplinary stakeholders to accelerate healthcare transformation. The portfolio converges leading academicians, innovators, enterprise leadership, government/policy, NGO, and clinical practitioners worldwide to enhance outcomes, access, and quality care for health citizens around the globe. Publishing the peer-reviewed journals Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Telehealth and Medicine Today, these open access journals present the latest research and innovation for organizations and practitioners to determine the most appropriate path to success in telehealth, blockchain technology, and DLT platforms to create a new era of efficient care in a value-based care marketplace. The portfolio converges leading academics, pragmatic innovators, and practitioners worldwide to assist in the acceleration of healthcare transformation and better outcomes for world health citizens. PDH continuously pushes the boundaries of technology innovation in scholarly publication and ecosystem practices to bring trust, transparency, and truth to its audience. The Open Access Blockchain Registry is located at: For those that cannot access the document, please send required details below to [email protected]
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Partners in Digital Health (PDH) accelerates the transformation and modernization of healthcare systems, solutions, and services in tandem with many of the world’s leading authorities. The portfolio’s mission is to identify and objectively share the industry’s current challenges to overcome barriers and global market gaps in digital health, blockchain/distributed ledger platforms, and edge technologies in healthcare.

The organization’ purpose is to:

  • Shape and reflect dialog for market trends and economic and scientific impact
  • Provide transparent, evidence-based original research and educational programming for multidisciplinary audiences around the world
  • Create and expand ecosystem business networks and collaborative initiatives with partners worldwide that present fair, equitable and diverse opportunities and discoveries in health technology to be shared by all.

The PDH network includes many of the world’s top forward reaching visionaries, innovators, and world-renowned experts committed to discovering and disseminating evidence-based research and discoveries to accelerate healthcare transformation for audiences to determine the most appropriate strategic path to success.

Tory Cenaj

Founder and Publisher, Partners in Digital Health

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PDH will launch a global Open Access Blockchain Registry for current public or private organizations with a product/service using blockchain & DLT in healthcare to enable borderless community & partnership with 1000 global registrants in 2021.

Activities & Initiatives

Challenges in healthcare provide a fertile environment for technology health innovation as witnessed with worldwide transformational initiatives in the consumer and health technology industry in 2020. New companies are increasingingy transforming business models and services to modernize and democratize healthcare to provide greater access, lower cost and equitable delivery of quality services to patients. Many are looking for opportunities to implement pilots, expand into new markets, regions and continents. PDH can provide the community network and connectivity required to expand equitable opportunity and investment support to achieve these goals. Many new companies provide excellent products and services to modernize and transform health and care around the globe including rural communities. In order to facilitate these efforts, we are creating a single repository at no cost for anyone to access and add their details. Trust & transparency are operational hallmarks of Partners in Digital Health where technology challenges, global market barriers and educational gaps in healthcare are explored to fill needs in the pursuit of modernization and transformation of health and care around the globe.  

Measures & Targets

PDH will launch a global Open Access Blockchain Registry that is free for any company or organization, public or private, with a product or service using blockchain or DLT in healthcare to create a global borderless networking & partnerships repository for the community. By the end of 2021, the document should contain one thousand global active participants.

New companies are increasingly transforming business models and services to modernize and democratize healthcare to provide greater access, lower cost and equitable delivery of quality services to patients.

In order to facilitate these efforts we are creating a single repository at no cost for anyone to access and add their details in effort to amplify visibility and connectivity between a diverse multidisciplinary global market ecosystem that may include students, startups, enterprise, universities, researchers,

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