Council Commitment Platform

Council members commit to specific, measurable actions to operate their organizations in ways that advance a more inclusive capitalism. Members share their actions and experiences here for others to learn from and put forth their own actions. The result is a community of ideas and learning that advances the most impactful private sector ESG practices at scale.

We invite you to explore the platform and get ideas for actions you can take for inclusive capitalism. Use the dropdown menus above the table to search by industry, region, UN Sustainable Development Goal, or sustainable value creation pillar.


Organization Priority Areas Commitment SDGs
Acceset Acceset will focus on improving access to quality relationships for each acceset user by measuring the average number of friends made per user with a target value of 1 (from a baseline of 0) by 2025.
Agronomics by G Squared Land Management AGRONOMICS using proximity location of the farm to remove the need to transport crops. Research has shown that fresh crops in transport lose over 50% of their nutrient values. We process day of harvest to ensure high values.
Bank of America Bank of America will mobilize an additional $300 billion in capital by 2030 through our Environmental Business Initiative to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy.
Bank of America Bank of America is committed to provide $1 billion through 2024 of additional support to help local communities address economic and racial inequality accelerated by a global pandemic.
Bank of America Bank of America is committing to continue to support our teammates’ wellbeing during the health crisis, including by reimbursing teammates up to $100 a day for securing their own child care.
Bank of America Bank of America is committing to maintain carbon neutrality and will work to reduce even further our carbon footprint by lessening Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and by purchasing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources.
Baobabooks Education Sàrl Our business model is to provide our platform to schools for an annual fee based on the number of users. We provide our platform for free to schools from under-served geographies with a goal of 50 schools using our platform for free by end of 2022.
Bayer AG By 2030, we will enable 100 million people in underserved communities to access everyday health. We want to change this through the availability of appropriate products and education.
Bayer AG By 2030, Bayer AG will provide 100 million women in low- and middle-income countries with access to modern contraception. We want to strengthen the role of women and intensify our efforts in modern family planning.
Bayer AG By 2030, we will help 100 million small holder farmers in low- and middle-income countries to produce enough quality food for themselves and others. We are helping by improving access to knowledge, products and services.
Better2Earth, Ltd Better2Earth, Ltd will promote health & well-being by providing 50m3/day of safe drinking water to the community of Iseyin by the end of 2023.
BP By 2025, we aim to systematically manage human rights impacts, monitoring, and remedy, in consultation with affected peoples, and assess quality of community relationships by priority bp sites and businesses, with plans for those under the threshold.
Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. Brunello Cucinelli commits to identify and implement measures to improve its employees' work environment and health by introducing preventive measures to meet specific corporate departments and individual workers' needs.
Office of the California State Treasurer We commit to helping people with disabilities realize the opportunity to save and grow their money in tax-advantaged accounts by increasing program enrollment in CalABLE by 250% by December 2030.
Office of the California State Treasurer We are committed to providing a retirement savings program for private sector workers whose employers do not offer a retirement plan by aiming to enroll hundreds of thousands of actively contributing participants into CalSavers by 2023.
Capdesia Capdesia is committed to a safe, healthy, equitable, and rewarding work environment by regularly reviewing internal and portfolio company HR performance for a "good" internal Net Promoter Score (NPS) with a three-year target of "excellent."
DeHealth DeHealth commits to promote the healthcare as a brand new qualitively and financially attractive lifestyle and provide the whole healthcare industry with a trustworthy medical data for 3 billion people by 2025.
DuPont DuPont will use science and innovation to address global challenges by aligning 100% of our innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the UN SDGs by 2030, creating shared value for our global stakeholders and society.
DuPont DuPont is committing to enable millions of people access to clean water by 2030 through leadership in advanced water technology and enacting strategic partnerships​.
DuPont DuPont will further our Commitment to Zero injuries, illnesses and incidents at our global sites by advancing our Health & Safety culture, improving our management systems and execution.
DuPont DuPont will improve the lives of over 100 million people in communities worldwide by 2030, expanding our social impact through signature partnerships, establishing regional advisory councils, and investing in environmental and community impact.
DuPont DuPont is committing to design 100% of our products and processes using sustainability criteria, including the principles of green chemistry by 2030.
Eni S.p.A. Eni will expand access to improved energy cooking services to 15,400 households in Angola, Ghana, and Mozambique between 2021-2024
Estée Lauder Companies By end of 2020, ELC’s programs/grants focused on health, education and environmental programs will impact the wellbeing of 10 mil. individuals around the world. By end of 2025, each of its brands will focus on/support at least one social/enviro cause
EY Unilever, UK FCDO and EY aim to help 100 million people in Africa and Asia gain access to life-enhancing products and services by 2025. EY and the World Bank Group (WBG) have committed to positively impact the lives of 10 million people by 2022.
Holding Space AD Limited Holding Space will promote holistic health and well-being programs for 100% of staff by implementing conscious contracts, a strategy of self-awareness, plus "buddy" accountability measures for all employees and their family members by Jan 2022.
H&R Block H&R Block commits to ensuring its equitable and comprehensive benefit offerings will help their associates plan for the health and security of their families by 2025.
H&R Block H&R Block is committed to the diversity of its workforce and creating an inclusive environment for its employees and will report progress on an annual basis.
Hudson McKenzie We aim to further our ESG programme with initiatives in the areas of Pro-Bono, Community, Diversity & Inclusion, Environment, Supply Chain and Ethics & Risk Management by September 2023.
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to the health and wellbeing of its workforce and will provide full payment of all health insurance premium costs for employees and their families.
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to the health and wellbeing of its workforce and will provide meditation and mindfulness training in 2020; by 2021 In-Cap will provide facilities for meditation and nursing mothers at its headquarters.
ISOLFIN Isolfin will harmonize the conditions for annual leave across all worldwide branches, in order to provide all employees with a fair amount of free time to devote to family and personal development.
Johnson & Johnson To bolster preparedness for future pandemics and epidemics, Johnson & Johnson aims to create a playbook based on the demonstrated accelerated process for emergency use licensure submission on its COVID-19 vaccine by 2025.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson will leverage digital technologies to combat pandemics and epidemics by enabling global/open access to a vaccination monitoring platform by 2025.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is committed to establishing global access plans for all relevant Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health and Janssen Infectious Diseases & Vaccines R&D pipeline assets by 2025 to address endemic diseases.
Johnson & Johnson In collaboration with ViiV Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson’s focus is to bring a new, long-acting injectable treatment regimen for HIV to high-burden countries where new treatment options are needed by 2025.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson commits to the SDG goal of eliminating TB by 2030 by increasing access to its treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (bedaquiline).
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson commits to strengthen the capacity of health workers and support surgeons providing treatment to help women living with obstetric fistula. By 2025, the goal is to reach 10,000 women living with obstetric fistula.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson &Johnson commits to research and share insights into three best-practices for women’s healthcare based on real-world data of one million women by 2025.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson commits to controlling soil-transmitted helminthiasis by donating up to one billion doses of mebendazole (Vermox® CHEWABLE) to at-risk children in low- and middle-income countries by 2025.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson commits to becoming the healthiest workforce, empowering employees to prioritize their health and well-being and enabling leaders to support and be accountable for the total health of their teams.
MannBenham Advocates Limited MannBenham Advocates is committed to ensuring that all clients and employees are treated with dignity and respect and treat others in the same way, not just for 2021 but beyond.
Montrose Capital Advisors, LLC Montrose Capital Advisors will advise approximately 10 small to mid-cap companies (SME's) lacking internal resources to navigate the requirements to set up an ESG/Sustainability governance infrastructure and develop net zero targets for 2050.
ONEiHEALTH Company Limited ONEiHEALTH Company Limited will promote better health of cancer patients in resource constrained countries or regions in Asia by training and employing the new gender-equal role of digitally empowered supportive healthcare workers in the workforce.
Peacebeam Peacebeam will promote accessibility and inclusion by ensuring that children and young adults have free access to 100% of its digital wellbeing products by the end of 2022 using KindePay.
PGB Group 2.0 srl PGB Group will promote wider access to key health diagnostic technologies that focus on the wellbeing (mental and social), by launching a pilot center in Florence and aim to expand in surrounding areas by 2023.
Plastic Bank Plastic Bank is committing to enable millions of people access to clean water by 2030 through the collection of ocean bound plastic and the enactment of strategic partnerships​.
Promising People Enterprises, LLC Promising People Enterprises, LLC will reduce recidivism by providing education programs, employment and faith-based support for the incarcerated, veterans, inner city youth and high schoolers with the goal of reaching more than 2,000,000 by 2030.
State Street Corporation State Street is committed to creating an environment where all employees want to work – and in order to do so, works to offer employee wellness benefits that our employees value.
State Street Corporation Help launch initiative to provide financing and advice to small minority-owned businesses; increase our procurement spend with diverse vendors by 2022.

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