Council Commitment Index​

Knowing that words alone are not enough, each organization is making a series of commitments about how we will operate our institutions to advance Inclusive Capitalism.

TO DATE WE HAVE 235 Commitments

Organization Priority Areas Commitment SDGs
Amundi Amundi commits to increasing social cohesion and solidarity by increasing the Finance&Solidarité fund from AuM €200m to €500m by 2021.
Bank of America Bank of America will mobilize an additional $300 billion in capital by 2030 through our Environmental Business Initiative to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy.
Bank of America Bank of America is committed to provide $1 billion through 2024 of additional support to help local communities address economic and racial inequality accelerated by a global pandemic.
Bank of America Bank of America is committing to continue to support our teammates’ wellbeing during the health crisis, including by reimbursing teammates up to $100 a day for securing their own child care.
Bank of America Bank of America is committing to maintain carbon neutrality and will work to reduce even further our carbon footprint by lessening Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and by purchasing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources.
Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. Brunello Cucinelli commits to identify and implement measures to improve its employees' work environment and health by introducing preventive measures to meet specific corporate departments and individual workers' needs.
Office of the California State Treasurer We commit to promoting a more just response to climate change by establishing a Green Bond Honor Roll and enlisting U.S. State Treasurers by 2023 who will make a public commitment to prioritizing the use of green bonds.
Office of the California State Treasurer Expand thrift programs such as saving for higher education, retirement and caring for those Californians with disabilities by providing accessibility of our capitalistic system’s forces for vulnerable persons.
Office of the California State Treasurer We are committed to providing a retirement savings program for private sector workers whose employers do not offer a retirement plan by aiming to enroll hundreds of thousands of actively contributing participants into CalSavers by 2023.
Office of the California State Treasurer We commit to helping people with disabilities realize the opportunity to save and grow their money in tax-advantaged accounts by increasing program enrollment in CalABLE by 250% by December 2030.
DuPont DuPont will use science and innovation to address global challenges by aligning 100% of our innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the UN SDGs by 2030, creating shared value for our global stakeholders and society.
DuPont DuPont is committing to enable millions of people access to clean water by 2030 through leadership in advanced water technology and enacting strategic partnerships​.
DuPont DuPont will further our Commitment to Zero injuries, illnesses and incidents at our global sites by advancing our Health & Safety culture, improving our management systems and execution.
DuPont DuPont will improve the lives of over 100 million people in communities worldwide by 2030, expanding our social impact through signature partnerships, establishing regional advisory councils, and investing in environmental and community impact.
DuPont DuPont is committing to design 100% of our products and processes using sustainability criteria, including the principles of green chemistry by 2030.
Estée Lauder Companies By end of 2020, ELC’s programs/grants focused on health, education and environmental programs will impact the wellbeing of 10 mil. individuals around the world. By end of 2025, each of its brands will focus on/support at least one social/enviro cause
EY Unilever, UK FCDO and EY aim to help 100 million people in Africa and Asia gain access to life-enhancing products and services by 2025. EY and the World Bank Group (WBG) have committed to positively impact the lives of 10 million people by 2022.
Guardian Life Guardian Life commits to making communities future-ready by increasing the number of partner grants to support community education and health by 50% by the end of 2020.
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to the health and wellbeing of its workforce and will provide full payment of all health insurance premium costs for employees and their families.
Inclusive Capital Partners In-Cap is committed to the health and wellbeing of its workforce and will provide meditation and mindfulness training in 2020; by 2021 In-Cap will provide facilities for meditation and nursing mothers at its headquarters.
Johnson & Johnson Proactively identify and address barriers to enrollment and participation in clinical trials by patients in under-represented communities, including facilitating dialogue among under-represented communities to help address systemic inequities.
Johnson & Johnson We will continue to ensure that we have the appropriate structures, systems and processes in place to enable access to the medicines and technologies most relevant for underserved populations in low- and middle-income countries.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is committing to broaden access to HIV treatment and deliver HIV/AIDS therapy access to a cumulative 130,000 adults and 5,000 children by the end of 2020.
Johnson & Johnson Advance the development of an affordable COVID-19 vaccine candidate for emergency pandemic use, including scaling up capacity to meet a goal of supplying at a rate of more than one billion doses of the vaccine globally by the end of 2021.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is committing to accelerate global efforts to eliminate tuberculosis by 2030 through a $500 million commitment to R&D and delivery programs.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is committing to donate one billion doses of intestinal worms treatment to at-risk children in developing countries by 2025.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is collaborating with more than 20 leading pharmaceutical companies and contributing $100 million to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with the goal of bringing two to four new antibiotics to patients by the end of the decade.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson commits to empower and engage our employees to achieve their “personal best” in health and well-being.
Johnson & Johnson We commit to support and empower entrepreneurs and the life science ecosystem by identifying and investing in new and diverse collaborators through our four Innovation Centers and 13 Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS facilities around the world.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson is committed to provide innovators free assistance, access to JLABS equipment and resources and mentorship to stimulate and accelerate innovation to improve global health security.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson commits to provide $250+ million to educate and empower one million nurses, midwives and community health workers by 2030.
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson commits to donate medicines and funding to organizations in the United States that help patients without insurance receive prescription products.
Johnson & Johnson We commit to alleviate the burden of diseases on the most underserved populations by accelerating development of treatments and preventative tools for neglected tropical diseases, TB, malaria, and other diseases common in the developing world.
Johnson & Johnson Alleviate burden of diseases on underserved populations, working with partners to identify sustainable solutions to combat intestinal worms, including improving diagnostics for STH, funding development of national monitoring, evaluation frameworks.
Johnson & Johnson Alongside partners, commit to accelerate R&D, registration, introduction and uptake of HIV & TB diagnostics and medicines for children living with HIV, with the ultimate objective of reducing morbidity & mortality among this highly vulnerable group.
State Street Corporation State Street is committed to creating an environment where all employees want to work – and in order to do so, works to offer employee wellness benefits that our employees value.
State Street Corporation Help launch initiative to provide financing and advice to small minority-owned businesses; increase our procurement spend with diverse vendors by 2022.
TIAA TIAA is committed to following guidelines outlined by Fitwel, a certification system designed to strengthen health and well-being and promote adoption of healthy strategies though workplace design.
TIAA TIAA is committed to making the investment in our people and culture a priority focus within our company strategy and commit to improving our inclusion and engagement index scores by nine basis points.
TIAA TIAA is committed to the health and wellbeing needs of our diverse workforce and their loved ones and will enhance and expand benefits and programs to support families and working parents meet needs arising out of the pandemic in 2021.
TIAA TIAA is committed to being a top employer of choice each year and will commit to participating in independent third-party analysis and validation of these efforts, and commit to improving when appropriate.
V12 Marketing V12 Marketing will work to promote economic growth for both businesses and workers on a global basis, working to increase employment and services in emerging economies by 50% by 2024.

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