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The earth’s natural resources are under increasing pressure, from overconsumption, pollution, and humanity’s continued drive to produce more at less cost, with often little regard for the consequences. Pesticides and fertilizers are used to boost crops on depleted soil, aggressive additives and pharmaceuticals add bulk and growth rate to farm animals, and plastics and toxins chemicals are more and more prevalent. All this and more has a direct result on the planet’s most vital resources. If we don’t take effective action now, there will be nothing for the next generations. We bring together experience from across multiple disciplines to deliver practical solutions that are not only technically effective, but are also socially, economically, and politically suitable for local companies, governments, and communities. Actively helping tackle the problems our Earth faces with our water, soil, and air. We work with an inert material (recycled glass) that does not affect the environment with performance that lasts for decades. It can be modified in countless ways to perform functions such as irrigation, cleaning, and filtering. Our capability in developing technical solutions is matched with expertise in finance and business development to ensure that solutions fit sustainable, financial, and commercial criteria for all stakeholders. Overall Better2Earth offers a practical partnership for developing practical nature-based solutions for a wide range of application areas in water, air, and soil management. Ensuring circular, local economic benefits, that contribute to the community and overall global quality of life.


Because we care about Earth, we believe that applications of our products are the best and most cost-effective means to improve its water usage, while contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Technological performance – We research and develop the core technology of foaming glass with the Universities and R&D institutions.

Environmental performance – We carry the beautiful EARTH to the next generation by improving the global environment.

Financial performance – Our solutions save water, and fertilizer and increase the yield of agriculture. It also outperforms in water treatment and air deodorizing from livestock barns, food processing factories, and composting facilities.

Henrique Miranda

Founder, Better2Earth, Ltd

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Better2Earth, Ltd will promote health & well-being by providing 50m3/day of safe drinking water to the community of Iseyin by the end of 2023.

Activities & Initiatives

Better2Earth, Ltd will expand its operations by creating Better2earth, Ltd (Nigeria) with a local partner. Simultaneously it will partner with local academic institutions to validate results and work as disseminators of our solution.

Measures & Targets

Better2Earth, Ltd will measure success based in the volume and quality of the water treated and provided to the population of Iseyin by the end of 2023.

SDG Focus Area(s):


Better2Earth Ltd. will provide means for the public and private sectors to improve water quality using our regenerative systems to treat 10000 m3/day of water sources and wastewater treatment plants in Africa by 2024.

Activities & Initiatives

Wastewaters and sewage sludge contains huge amounts of water. By dehydrating the sludge and pressing it into pellets it is possible to reclaim up to 80% water for reuse or discharge. Moreover, biochar pellets are high in phosphorus and are a natural carbon sink. The biochar can be used for fertilizer and help reduce your CO2 footprint. When our systems are used the recovered water can be regenerated and reused being compliant to or above consent standards.

Measures & Targets

Better2Earth, Ltd will keep a track record of the progress on achieving 10000m3/day of water treatment by the end of 2024 in Africa


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