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Henrique Miranda has 30 years of experience as a pragmatic, research-driven, and action-oriented engineer.

He has worked in highly commercial and industrial sectors, but has also worked closely with the academic, public policy, and civil society. Henrique has seen first-hand and been witness to decisions made only on short-term economic grounds. It is his strongest held belief that for one health we must put NATURE first. Taking urgent action to address and halt the degradation of biodiversity, wildlife, ecosystems crash, and unsafe food systems is key to climate mitigation and indeed, therefore, the survival of humanity. It is this belief and the knowledge we do not have much time left to act, that has driven his decision to use his skills, education, and international network, to only work on projects that he considers will have a positive impact and accelerate NATURE’s recovery.

In recent years, it is an enhanced knowledge and desires to learn about the mistakes we have made in handling soil, water, air, and energy that has driven his every working hour to dig deep, ask questions, read peer-reviewed papers, and explore and debate ideas with people he respects. If we are to act and achieve “one health”, Henrique wants to be in the middle of those debates, to use his energy, and his detail-driven and curious mind to push us forward and connect the dots for a dynamic and ambitious action plan. Henrique believes that being a member of this prestigious, experienced Council would provide a platform to bring his years of successful, performance-driven, innovative approach and project management skills to help deliver practical and meaningful outcomes.

The way we manage soil, water, air, and energy, is correlated with climate and ocean health, population health, food security, peace, justice, education and well-being, decentralized production, environmental impact mitigation, inequalities reduction, decent work, and economic growth.

Henrique has a ferocious appetite to learn and absorb new ideas and believes that it will be by embracing the approach of putting nature (everything on land and in the ocean) first, that we will achieve long-lasting projects that will genuinely deliver sustainable one health solutions, along with the balanced integration of economic performance, social inclusiveness, and environmental resilience, to the benefit of current and future generations.

Again, it would be an honor for him to offer his management skills to work alongside a multi-cultural, and cross-functional team of like-minded people who are not scared of taking on the wicked and difficult challenges we now face, making and communicating truth to power and bringing fun, creativity, laughter as part of an innovative approach to helping nature recovery – it is humanities best hope.

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