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Our members are doing business in ways that benefit people, our communities, and the planet.

Change begins with the actions we take. The Council for Inclusive Capitalism is a CEO-led movement of businesses pursuing profit in ways that lead to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.  

As a member, you join a growing network of business, investment, and public sector organizations taking and documenting their actions to build more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted economies and societies. Put forth your best ideas, innovations, and initiatives, and watch your impact multiply as others take up and apply your knowledge. Gain new ideas as other members join and contribute their commitments to action.

We need organizations of all sizes, from every industry, and from around the world to support our Guiding Principles for Inclusive Capitalism and to commit to action to scale the change that is needed. Will you join us?

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In addition to playing a critical role in advancing the goals of inclusive capitalism, members receive a variety of benefits, including:

Commitments Platform

Elevate your work on our comprehensive repository of the best inclusive capitalism concepts and reform tools being used across the globe.

Member Gatherings

Connect with peer leaders to share your knowledge and gain insight from others during workshop discussions and other virtual and in-person events.

Collective actions

Take advantage of unique opportunities to join forces within and across sectors to take collaborative action on timely, market-moving issues.

Ethical Advisors

Engage with the teachings of faith and ethical leaders on the moral imperative for inclusive capitalism action.

Types of Membership


Stewards are leaders of businesses, investment organizations, and endowed foundations. These members make specific, forward-looking, time-bound, measurable commitments to the work of inclusive capitalism.


Allies are non-profits, non-endowed foundations, civil society, and public institutions. These members contribute by pursuing missions in parallel to the Council's values, goals, and principles for inclusive capitalism.

Steps to membership

We are eager to welcome you into our peer-led community of collective action.
We welcome new members through a series of simple steps:


Sign Up

Apply for your spot on the Council through a simple online form. Tell us about you and your organization and agree to our Guiding Principles.



A member of our team will review your information to get to know you and verify your business. We will contact you to confirm your seat on the Council.



Begin participating by activating your member web portal, completing your organization profile, and submitting your first commitment to action.

Organizations Already Taking Action

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Hear it from our Members

There’s a story behind every action. In our latest publication, CEOs share their first-hand stories and take you inside their work to practice capitalism in ways that meet global challenges.

Common membership questions

  • Leaders authorized to make and account for commitments on behalf of their organization are welcome to join the Council. Most common roles include CEO, Executive Chair, Executive Director, President, Managing Partner, and Founder.
  • To be eligible as a Steward, the organization must be willing to commit to actions to operate more inclusively and sustainably, and be in an industry whose goals are in line with our Guiding Principles.
  • To be eligible as an Ally, an organization’s mission must be directly related to the Council’s as demonstrated by one or more of the following:
    • Doing work that directly makes the economic system more inclusive and sustainable.
    • Offering resources, tools, or expertise to support Steward-members in making or achieving their commitments.
    • Operating a platform that encourages or advances enlightened practices, such as associations or networks of organizations.
  • Organizations facing formal sanctions from governing bodies may not join the Council.
  • Organizations facing lawsuits regarding conduct that violates the Council’s Guiding Principles may not join the Council until these legal actions are resolved (certain exceptions may be made depending on the nature of the particular litigation).

No. All businesses – from small companies to multinational corporations – are welcome to join us and share an action or actions toward inclusive capitalism.

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism is a non-profit organization, and the cost of membership is the actions our members take to support inclusive capitalism. Our members’ actions and ideas, their sharing of best practices, and innovations are an inspiration and guidance to others.

The Council does not engage in lobbying or advocacy that is prescriptive of our members’ actions. Our members believe there is a moral and market imperative for businesses to advance a sustainable economic system with positive social impacts. We allow each member to decide how to act on this imperative.

Our mission is global, as are our members. We recognize that Council members bring with them diverse experiences and views. We respect these backgrounds and ask members of our community to make their own unique contribution to inclusive capitalism, one step at a time.

The Council is committed to promoting transparency and accountability around the impact of our growing network of member-led efforts.

We know that what gets measured gets managed. Therefore, Council Stewards identify measurable targets in their commitments, track their own progress, and publicly self-report the progress that is made. On an annual basis, each member organization will review and update their progress toward achieving their previously established commitments. Some goals may be achieved and be replaced by more ambitious goals, while others may not be fully achieved and will need to be reassessed. In each case, our overarching goal is for member organizations to make progress in their stated commitments.

The Council will disclose information on the commitments, goals, collaborative initiatives, and their progress on our site. The commitments platform serves as a race-to-the-top model for the best and most effective inclusive capitalism practices being taken by private sector actors. The platform’s continuous expansion in private sector commitments, goals and ideas, and featuring of strategies and tools for their achievement, is intended to enable others toward their own actions, scaling global impact.

No, the Council is a non-sectarian organization open to members of all—or no—religious backgrounds. We launched in December 2020 in response to His Holiness Pope Francis’ moral guidance to business leaders to develop “concrete ideas and decisive action which will benefit all people and which will begin to respond to the pressing issues of our day.” We are not sponsored by the Vatican or any other religious organization, and we openly receive guidance from moral and ethical leaders of all backgrounds.

Do you have additional questions about the Council or becoming a member? Please reach out!

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