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Stories of inclusive capitalism in action

Our flagship narrative publication shares an in-depth look at the economic, social, and environmental issues Council members are addressing, explores how they operate their businesses to make a difference, and reveals insights for others to do the same.

Telling stories is one of the best ways leaders can share what they have learned and inspire others to push their boundaries. Hearing their experiences gives us an opportunity to dig deeper, and it can shape, strengthen, or challenge our perspective.

Our members are acting on their values every day, and we hope you will find inspiration in their work.

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“Business is at its best when you are able to provide services and products that solve challenges for people and environment in the community.”

In this edition, explore how leaders are operating their businesses to purposefully tackle some of the biggest issues facing consumers, communities, and nature.


“It is the commitment to contribute positively to society that has enabled us to sustain our growth for over 120 years.” From taxis and energy jobs to whiskey and chocolate bars, 12 CEOs share behind-the-scenes stories of better business.


“The goal of inclusive capitalism cannot be achieved by one leader, or one organization, or even one country alone.” The Council sits down with leaders of media agencies, banks, energy companies, State governments, and more to learn how they are solving the problems of people and planet.


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