Agronomics by G Squared Land Management
Agronomics is a green approach to integrating Sustainable Indoor Vertical Farming with state-of-the-art Fresh Produce Processing and Cold Storage Warehousing into a Single Facility Powered by Solar Micro-Grid Smart Power Technology. The Agronomics approach concentrates on nine of the United Nations Seventeen 17 Sustainability Goals.


Agronomics will achieve economies of scale to reduce operational costs by integrating our principal business units and optimizing plant production focused on highly nutrient food plants suitable for indoor farming. Agronomics meets nine of the 17 Sustainability Goals set forth by the United Nations.

Agronomics solves the limited issues associated with indoor farming through:

  • Continuous supply of solar energy that allows for the radical reduction of consumption and energy costs with our Solar Micro-Grid Smart Power Technology
  • Leasing Indoor Vertical Farm space to a leading Indoor Farm Enterprise that will provide the expertise, operational know-how, and high-tech skills required to be successful
  • Economies of Scale that reduce operating costs through the integration of Indoor Vertical Farm, Fresh Produce Processing, and Cold Storage
  • Optimizing plant production focused on highly nutrient food plants suitable for indoor farming
  • Maintaining nutrient values with onsite fresh produce processing and cold storage
  • Creating of job opportunities, including retraining of existing people in the area

Through the execution of our business model, Agronomics:

  • Meets the goals of Sustainable Agriculture Supporting Environmental Health, Producing Economic Profitability, and Providing Social Equity
  • Addresses Escalating Demand for a Sustainable and Healthy Food Supply while Meeting nine of the United Nations Sustainable Goals
  • Significantly Reduces Food Supply Chain Costs and optimizes economies of scale to produce a strong ROI

Agronomics is a Strategic Differentiator: Integrating Farm Sustainability With Solar Micro-Grid Smart Power Technology. This approach places the Indoor Vertical Farm in the same complex as the Fresh Produce Processing and Cold Storage Facility. Agronomics solves Vertical Farming and Cold Storage’s existing problems by generating all the needed power onsite with its Solar Micro-Grid Smart Power Technology. This game-changing approach allows end-users to reduce costs in both energy usage and supply chain. The proximity of the facilities provides for higher produce nutrient values and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Joseph Griffith

Founder & Senior Partner , Agronomics by G Squared Land Management

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AGRONOMICS will promote diversity in the workplace finding the best person for roles regardless of any other factor by evaluating skills and talents. We use validated assessment tools to ensure we hire the best candidate.

Activities & Initiatives

AGRONOMICS was founded by Doctors of Psychology with over 75 years of business experience.  We take diversity seriously and make sure we interact with each employee as an equal member of our team.  Our team will hire and promote based on skills and talent that will build our team.  We rebuke any actions that do not follow our commitment to diversity in the workplace.   We feel this planet is full of life and with many species of which human beings being one, where we are all equal.  We are committed to inclusive behavior toward all human beings(employees).

Measures & Targets

AGRONOMICS uses proven assessments to determine our potential employees’ skills and abilities to ensure we are hiring the most qualified human being to fill a position. Our approach follows these commitments:

  • Cultural Competence Assessments
  • Non-Bias Job Descriptions
  • Non-Bias screening process focusing solely on skills
  • Skill-based assessment to ensure the ability to perform the job
  • Myers Briggs Personality Assessment to ensure smooth integration with the team
  • Leadership accountability
  • Organizational Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We leverage an unbiased approach to people, and we care about the Health and Well Being of Our People while we guide and teach skills of the future.

AGRONOMICS is positioned to hire and promote a diverse workforce where we have nearly equal representation of employees’ demographic factors. This means we will have equal representation of people from the executive level down to the front-line.

Our First Goal and Target is to have an 85% diverse workforce, and we hope to achieve this goal by removing all demographic factors in hiring and hire the best person for the job within the first year.

Our Second Goal and Target in the 2nd year is to promote from within 90% of our hiring needs within 2 years.

Our Third Goal and Target is to Prioritize our training protocols, so we are developing 95% of our employees for future advancements within 2 years.

SDG Focus Area(s):


AGRONOMICS is committed to reducing carbon emissions in the farming industry. Our approach to farming includes the proximity placement of facilities to reduce supply-chain logistics by 2024. All of the power to run these facilities is created onsite

Activities & Initiatives

AGRONOMICS is committed to significantly reducing carbon emissions in the production and distribution of food in the World. AGRONOMICS is The GREEN Approach Integrating Sustainable Indoor Vertical Farming with state-of-the-art Fresh Produce Processing and Cold Storage Warehousing into a Single Facility Powered by Solar Micro-Grid Smart Power Technology.  The AGRONOMICS value proposition is to provide the following:
  • Sustainable Food Source integrated with Energy Self-Sufficiency by Optimizing Alternative Energy Sources
  • Significantly Reduces Facility Carbon Footprint
  • Increased Nutrient Values in produce
  • Encourages Economies of Scale Located on Less than Desirable Land or in a Vacant Industrial/Commercial Building
  • Significantly Reduced Food Supply Chain Logistics

Measures & Targets

AGRONOMICS is dedicated and committed to achieving success in business and the fulfillment of our promise to reduce carbon emissions and increase food nutrients through clean harvest, process, & distribution. We will maintain measures to ensure we are following our Core Values to achieve our Mission. Internal controls will ensure we are meeting our commerce goals and corporate social responsibility by giving back.

AGRONOMICS’ approach to protecting the planet by reducing carbon emissions in all aspects of the 4 core businesses. We commit to resource conservation by focusing our research toward sustainable energy and green initiatives to proliferation our business objectives. We reduce and nearly eliminate pollution while we feed the World and lessen the need for National Electrical Grid power.

Through the use of Solar and Alternative Energy, AGRONOMICS has established a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 90% of what is generated by traditional electricity creation and plans to rely on 100% of created energy, removing the need to attach to National Electrical Grids by the 2nd year.

AGRONOMICS has established goals to reduce carbon emissions from the supply chain because of our proximity processing and cold storage. This goal reduces carbon emissions by 50% in the supply chain for our products, and we expect to achieve this goal in year 1.

AGRONOMICS established a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 75% compared to traditional and indoor vertical farming.

SDG Focus Area(s):


AGRONOMICS using proximity location of the farm to remove the need to transport crops. Research has shown that fresh crops in transport lose over 50% of their nutrient values. We process day of harvest to ensure high values.

Activities & Initiatives

AGRONOMICS - Because of proximate processing ensures crops harvested today are processed today.  We are committed to providing facilities to ensure the highest nutritional values possible. Demand for fresh and organic fruit and vegetables, changing consumer online shopping preferences for online groceries, urban population growth, access to nutritious fruit and vegetable on-demand, and improved product offerings are expected to be key demand drivers for increased market growth.  Demand drivers are expected to be supported by improved prolonged shelf life, advanced processing methods, artificial intelligence, advances in freezing methods, equipment modernization, coupled with increasing global trade. Further, demand for clean labels and natural products, and varying consumer dietary patterns are among additional key factors driving product demand.

Measures & Targets

AGRONOMICS – Is committed to continued research in  technological advances to ensure our approach is the best available. The Founders are academics first, which allows a unique approach. We research before we take action to ensure our method is the best for the products’ Nutritional Values leaving our facilities. We will measure to test the crops at integral points (on the stem, at harvest, & entry to processing) to ensure they are at the highest nutrient values. We have committed to researching each food crop produced to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. This emerging industry is ripe for the development of new careers for people. This approach focuses on the Health & Well Being of the World Population by providing the best food available and opening the door for the future’s Skills.

AGRONOMICS established a goal of only processing food with high nutrient values grown under our structured plan to retain 75% + Nutrient Values.

AGRONOMICS established a goal of building 2 AGRONOMICS facilities to produce an abundance of food to feed the World within 1 year.

We aim to build 6 AGRONOMICS facilities to produce an abundance of food to help feed the World within 5 years.

We have the goal of giving back to local food banks, schools, senior centers, and impoverished communities in food and money equal to 20% retained net profits of the Founders during the first 5 years.


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