Astrid is an EdTech company building a next-generation language learning platform. By providing personalised speaking and pronunciation practice through its voice-based, AI-powered English tutoring app, Astrid helps young learners around the world become fluent, confident English speakers.

The team consists of experienced engineers, academics, and company builders with backgrounds ranging from Spotify, EF, King, and Kry.

Astrid is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and Oxford, UK, and is backed by a global group of renowned tech entrepreneurs, investors, and advisers.


Astrid gives everyone access to the global talent market by helping them become fluent, confident English speakers.

Reaching your full potential is not just a personal matter. It’s also family matter. And a matter for your future employer.

And in the post-pandemic talent market, being a confident, fluent English speaker is the only remaining hurdle.

We believe that true self-actualization, for both talent and employers, will not happen until the hiring process is based on skillset, rather than on


That is why we want to enable a better future for young learners everywhere by making top quality education accessible to all.

John Kristensen

Co-founder, Astrid

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Astrid's technology will enable 10 million young learners by 2025 to become fluent, confident English speakers, thereby opening up the global talent market and supporting a path to a brighter future.

Activities & Initiatives

We're busy trying to revolutionize the language learning market, developing a brand new way to deliver private tutoring at an affordable price (using our proprietary speech recognition and AI recommendation engine). In short, our bet is that people around the world are dramatically underserved by their public school systems when it comes to the practical side of English language education and, as a result, they rarely make the leap from reading and writing to actually speaking English fluently and with confidence. In today's world when all learning is moving away from theory to skills acquisition, it's no longer enough to know your spelling and grammar. In many developing markets around the world, speaking English confidently and accent free was only obtainable for the top of the pyramid. We are changing that, and we're doing it at a radically lower price point.

Measures & Targets

Enable 10 million young learners from around the world to become fluent, confident English speakers by 2025, thereby opening up the global talent market and supporting a path to a brighter future for them and their families.


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