Achieving a Just Energy Transition: A Framework for Company Action
Partner across sectors to scale new ventures with
sustainable employment opportunities

Key Activities

  • Work with local and national government or industry peers to support the creation of ventures to stimulate local economies and scale construction of net-zero emissions infrastructure.

  • Identify suitable partners for co-design, co-investment and co-implementation initiatives.

  • Partner with local groups and small businesses to enable and support local ownership of just transition initiatives.

See it in action

regional partnerships for local development

Anglo American’s Collaborative Regional Development approach aims to build systemic regional socio-economic change through partnership. This is achieved through formation of cross-sector public-private partnerships to co-design, co-implement and co-fund local development initiatives.

Who's measuring these actions?

We provide alignments with popular progress assessments to offer context and connection within the broader Just Transition movement.

World Benchmark Alliance

Just Transition Indicator 3 Metric c: The company demonstrates the measures it takes to create and provide or support access to green and decent jobs for workers and other affected stakeholders.

Just Transition Indicator 4 Metric b: The company discloses its process(es) for identifying skills gaps for workers and affected stakeholders in the context of the low carbon transition, which involves engaging with unions.