Achieving a Just Energy Transition: A Framework for Company Action

Commitments to a just energy transition

There’s a lot to learn from first movers. With the release of the Just Energy Transition: A Framework for Company Action, we invite companies to become a member of the Council and make new commitments to that contribute to a just energy transition. Through these public commitments, companies put forth their best ideas and learn from the best practices of others.

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Organization Just Energy Transition Area of Action Commitment SDGs
SSE plc SSE is committed to high quality employee engagement & ongoing dialogue with its recognized trade union partners on the just transition & will hold at least two meetings a year on this topic, beyond its usual structured engagement with union partners
SSE plc SSE is committed to retraining & reskilling employees and will run a STEM Returner programme for those out of a STEM career for 5+ years as well as launch a pilot programme for new talent transitioning from other sectors. It will report annually
SSE plc SSE is supporting development of competitive UK domestic supply chains alongside government & other industry partners, with the aim of reaching the UK’s Offshore Wind Sector Deal target of 60% lifetime content for major offshore wind projects by 2030
Repsol Repsol is committed to carrying out social investment projects that improve the quality of life of local communities by benefiting more than 800,000 people through their social investment projects by 2025.
Repsol Repsol aims is to be a company with net zero emissions in 2050, limiting global warming well below 2°C and complying with the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals, and in line with what is required by society.
Repsol Repsol will promote inclusion of gender, disabilities and promoting LGTBI-inclusive environment, with a goal of reaching 35% of women in leadership positions by 2025.
Reliance Industries Limited To achieve net carbon Zero by 2035, Reliance Industries will develop new energy infrastructure and materials by investing INR 15,000 Crore (about USD 2Bn) by 2024 in independent manufacturers, partnerships, and technology and create new jobs.
BP Our new Regions, Cities and Solutions team will help countries, cities and corporations around the world decarbonize. It intends to focus on partnering with 10-15 cities by 2030 and corporates in 3 industrial sectors by 2030.
BP We aim to support sustainable livelihoods development for communities where we operate (priority bp sites and businesses), disclosing progress against targets and impact measures by 2025.
BP We aim to enable a just transition for the workforce by driving education and employment initiatives and programmes with industry partners. We plan to publish 2025 and 2030 metrics and targets/aims for the initiatives and programmes in 2023.

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