Achieving a Just Transition:
Framework for Company Action

The Framework: Pillars for Action

The Just Transition Framework for Company Action is a comprehensive guide for governments, companies of all industries, and civic organizations to manage the transition to net-zero emissions energy in ways that are just. The framework has four core pillars:

  1. Supporting universal access to energy and a net-zero emissions world,
  2. Evolving the energy workforce to support a low and zero carbon energy future,
  3. Building community resilience, and
  4. Fostering collaboration and transparency throughout the process.

Each pillar contains five areas of action or “building blocks” that will drive progress. These 20 building blocks each contain examples and case studies showing how the practice has been implemented. Further, the building blocks are mapped to the World Benchmarking Alliance’s Just Transition methodology and the Climate Action 100+ just transition indicator to align the framework with just transition assessment methodologies.

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Net-Zero Energy



Collaboration & Transparency

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