Achieving a Just Energy Transition: A Framework for Company Action
Ensure social dialogue with workers

Key Activities

  • Engage workplace representatives, and unions to develop all aspects of a just energy transition.

  • Disclose just energy transition plans and continuously engage all workers through execution of plan.

  • Design multiple dialogue channels with workers for ongoing use. 

See it in action

Multi-channel involvement

ACEN engages with its employees actively and effectively through internal digital communication channels such as Workplace, Viber, and monthly e-newsletters to keep the entire organization abreast of the latest news and company updates.

They also embed just transition topics within collaborative employee engagements, quarterly town hall meetings, timely engagement surveys, and regular provision of wellness consultation services and timely boot camps on operational health and safety.

Two-Way Communication

bp has worked to enhance and strengthen trust of local communities by being more transparent in its work. In Gelsenkirchen, Germany, bp has created a two-way access channel using WhatsApp Business and the Telegram app to make it easier to exchange news about site activities and to collect employees’ views.

Who's measuring these actions?

We provide alignments with popular progress assessments to offer context and connection within the broader Just Transition movement.

World Benchmark Alliance

Aligned with all elements of Just Transition Indicator 2: The company demonstrates low carbon transition planning which will mitigate the social impacts of the just transition on workers, affected stakeholders and its business relationships, and demonstrates social dialogue and stakeholder engagement in the development of its just transition planning.

Just Transition Indicator 1 Metric a: Company has a public commitment to engage in social dialogue with appropriate parties for bipartite or tripartite negotiations, including workers, unions or equivalent worker bodies.

Just Transition Indicator 1 Metric d: Company demonstrates social dialogue and meaningful engagement with stakeholders on all aspects of a just transition.

Climate Action 100+

Disclosure Indicator 9 – Just Transition
Sub-indicator 9.3 – Engagement:
Metric a) The company, in partnership with its workers, unions, communities and suppliers has developed a Just Transition Plan.