Achieving a Just Transition:
Framework for Company Action

Share knowledge and best practices with industry peers
and other organizations

Key Activities

  • Identify and/or develop platform and partners to disseminate company just energy transition learnings.

  • Participate in international forums to disclose just energy transition progress, experiences and challenges publicly.

  • Partner with academic organizations to analyze outcomes of initiatives and disseminate lessons learned.

See it in action

Collective action by industry

SSE’s senior leadership team have taken positions within industry bodies and working groups, including the Scottish Energy Advisory Group (a supply chain review), the Offshore Wind Energy Council, and the Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council with the objective of supporting practical and actionable steps that will result in a sustainable domestic supply chain capable of competing internationally.

Expertise sharing

ACEN’s top executives, including its CEO and and other subject-matter experts, are actively participating in and working with a variety of organizations, international forums, and industry related forums on  sustainability, green finance, and energy transition.

Collective action and investment
Repsol participates along with 11 other companies in the sector in the OGCI (Oil and Gas Climate Initiative). Repsol invests in the OGCI Climate Investments fund, a $1 billion fund invested in technologies and projects to accelerate decarbonization across the sector.

Repsol also participates as a member of the Spanish network of the United Nations Global Compact which aims to promote and apply the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as well as disseminating and raising awareness of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.