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Susanna Barla started her career in trend sensing & making when she was 19. Susanna took part in brand architecting & storytelling for the high-end fashion equivalent (Martin Margiela) of what Bitcoin is for cryptocurrencies and what Banksy is to the art world.

By 25, Susanna attained leadership positions within marketing & communications. She managed and guided multidisciplinary teams, unifying individual performances to a team, from architects to designers, PR, communications experts, and brand specialists. This was when she learned having a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach is the most effective & innovative way of problem-solving, creating new novel ideas that led her to new approaches unlocking higher performance & results.

Nowadays, Susanna spends her time as a founder, entrepreneur, and strategist for the most highly curated agents of positive change. She is a passionate deep thinker, and she thrives solving and simplifying complex problems, such as climate change.

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