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Steve Smykal is the founder and President of 1 World Sustainability, LLC, a U.S.-based consulting firm specializing in climate risk management and sustainability strategy for national and international companies operating in a multitude of industries.
He has years of climate scenario analysis, renewable energy, carbon accounting, and sustainability consulting specific experience. Steve’s project experience includes leading climate scenario analyses, managing the internal process to make a private company certified carbon neutral; sustainability data benchmarking and analysis; materiality assessments; greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions verification for Fortune 500 companies; and sustainability program development for public, private, and investment firms.
He has consulted with companies around the world to analyze climate scenarios and energy models, develop plans for sustainable corporate investment, mitigate climate risk, capitalize on climate opportunities, develop emissions inventories, inform utility resource plans, and establish short and long-term resource strategies.
Steve’s native language is English, but he is also proficient in French and has working ability in Italian.

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