1 World Sustainability
1 World Sustainability is a climate and sustainability consulting firm that combines scientific expertise with management solutions focusing on the local impacts of climate change over the coming decades. Companies around the world are feeling the effects of climate change on their operations, strategy, supply chains, and bottom line. Because of this, our main service offering is a climate scenario analysis with four to seven global emissions scenarios (using the United Nations RCPs and SSPs) to understand the whole picture instead of simply a business-as-usual singular approach. By combining technical climate scenario analysis with ESG consulting expertise, we provide science-backed solutions that drive climate action for companies to decrease risk, reduce costs, increase resiliency, and grow sustainably.


Science backed solutions for a changing world – 1 World Sustainability is focused on solving the lack of climate preparedness and resiliency within companies around the world. We are trying to drive investments in climate action that are advantageous for both the client and the planet. This leads to more sustainable development of firms, supply chains, and industries.

Steve Smykal

Founder, 1 World Sustainability

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