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Simon has over 30 years’ experience creating, investing in, building & advising businesses, from start-ups to multi billion dollar listed groups.

He focuses on technologies, products, services & businesses with the potential to create a more sustainable world. Hi current focus is on creating the financing tools, structures and financial products to enable investors to put more money into sustainable businesses, especially in Emerging Markets.  This includes both traditional (equity, debt, mezz, concessionary, grants, funds, capital markets) and new financing tools (tokens, digital assets, crypto, nft, defi)

He has been active in the sustainability sector since the 1980’s with experience across a wide range of industry sectors, including clean technology, fintech, health & wellness, media, agri & food, education, consumer & related sectors.

He is a regular speaker at events worldwide on sustainability and Emerging Markets.

Simon started out in the UK, and has since lived and worked in Africa, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Central Asia, SE Asia, Greater China and Latin America. But he has not left the planet yet.

Simon is a UK qualified Chartered Accountant (CPA equivalent) and has a Law degree from Oxford University.

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