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Thomas Schumann is a sustainability pioneer who provides Water intelligence, thought leadership, investment and financial products. His birthplace Frankfurt am Main, Germany’s financial capital and the 2015 world’s most sustainable city according to the Sustainable Cities Index inspired his path of social, environmental and financial responsibility and impact. Thomas’ MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose) is influencing $360 Trillion for United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 “Water Security” to serve 7.8 Billion stakeholders.  Thomas created and sponsored the first ever index family that tracks Water Security in equities. TSC Water Security Index® is available in a Global, US, and Euro version which outperform the equity indices MSCI World, S&P500, S&P Euro 75, EuroSTOXX 50 on a financial, Water and carbon footprint basis.  Thomas Schumann Water Security Fund® invests donations and venture philanthropy into Water ventures that scale access to clean Water, energy and self-reliance globally. Thomas is an accomplished masters distance runner, endurance athlete and triathlete. He has been embracing LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) for more than 45 years.

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