Munir Ahmed

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| Executive Director

Munir Ahmed, a Masters in Mass Communication (1993) and Governance and Public Policy (2018) is a well-known geopolitical analyst, development strategist, communication and outreach expert. He is founder and Executive Director of Devcom-Pakistan, Devcom Centre for Geopolitical Studies, Pakistan Mountain Festival, Pakistan Mountains Pride Awards, Pakistan Green Initiatives, National Women-at-Work Festival, with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry for two decades.
He started off his career as a first ever designated environmental reporter in Pakistan with The News International (1991-Islamabad). His passionate news reporting laid the foundation of first ever environmental legislation in 1997. He kicked of mainstreaming of mountain conservation in 2002, intimated the concept of Development Communication (Devcom) 2003, Pakistan Mountain Festival in 2005, launched first ever climate change awareness with a consultation in 22 May 2007, Pakistan Mountain Youth Forum 2015, Pakistan Mountain Ambassadors in 2017, and Pakistan Mountains Pride Awards in 2019.
He is an innovative and skilled pioneer of thematic advocacy tools, diplomacy, lobbying, professional networking, new ideas for Corporate Social Responsibility. A postgraduate in two disciplines, Mass Communication (1993) and Governance and Public Policy (2018), Munir Ahmed is also a well-known geopolitical analyst and, research-based mountains and climate change advocacy expert with unmatchable outreach. He has extensive international exposure since 1992, have won different fellowships and appreciation awards, and hundreds of TV, radio and print media interviews on his credit.
He has conducted numerous thematic trainings and awareness sessions, delivered seminars, organized conferences, webinars, and have presented many case studies on different national and international forums. Lately, he floated the idea of Waste-Free Mountains at the 5th Global Meeting of the Mountain Partnership at Aspen, Colorado (28 September 2022).

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