Mohsen Awad

| London Green Bridge

| CEO of London green bridge

LONDON GREEN BRIDGE’s Founder and Executive Director, MOHSEN HOSNY, leads and delegates the work of the organization.

He implements and follows up on decisions of the Board, ensuring they are communicated throughout the firm.

The Executive Director is also responsible for developing, planning and organizing work so that research, administration, financial management, and communications are performed with quality, accountability, and efficiency.

Mohsen is An author and researcher with twenty years of research work experience, with a particular interest in environmental issues and climate change matters.

Mohsen obtained a degree from Harvard University in the United States after passing a study on the impact of climate change on human health.
Mohsen also obtained a diploma in international relations from the British Alison Academy, and the scientific subject was a grant from the University of Westminster.

Mohsen worked for several newspapers, television channels, and think tanks in Cairo and London.

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