Michalyn Andrews

| Provenance Bio

| CEO/Co-Founder

Michalyn Andrews is an entrepreneur and innovator spanning the spaces of alternative proteins, synthetic biology, and the future of road infrastructure. In her 19-year career, Ms. Andrews has built interdisciplinary teams across industry and academia, with a focus on developing technology to enable sector transformation.

Ms. Andrews is the founder and CEO of Provenance Bio, an NIH-funded synthetic biology company that makes proteins in microbes for the next generation of products, including animal-free gelatin, human collagen for lab-made organs, and bioleather. She first founded Provenance after experiencing supply chain issues as a fashion entrepreneur, namely a lack of high-quality leather alternatives. Her journey as an innovator began in the early 2000s as the founder and CEO of women’s ready-to-wear label, Trasteverine. Ms. Andrews pioneered novel materials in the fashion industry and began the pursuit of developing lab-grown materials as compassionate solutions to leather. She founded Provenance Biofabrics in 2016 and later, Provenance Bio in 2020, partnering with scientists from the University of California at San Francisco and the University of California, Berkeley.

In addition to her leadership role at Provenance Bio, Ms. Andrews is co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse Technology Group, a California-based road infrastructure company with patented technology for smart vehicles, cities, and streets. AS CEO, she has played an instrumental role in developing the company’s core technology, which offers a cost-effective drop-in solution to transmute a broad depth of information through the current road infrastructure system. Michalyn leads the team at Lighthouse with a strategic focus on intellectual property and expanding applications for Lighthouse’s products.

Ms. Andrews is passionate about building equitable teams that innovate for a circular and compassionate future.

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