Charles Crotty

| FreschBeer SAS

| Founder, President

Charles Crotty is a New Zealander who started life as an accountant at PriceWaterhouse Coopers before joining a merchant bank in London.

On returning to NZ, he acquired the family printing business before becoming a serial entrepreneur, starting companies in the coffee, marketing, and promotional products sectors.

During this period, Charles also founded a non for profit – TYLA (Turn your life around) Trust. A police supported junior school-based, early intervention programme for children that showed early signs of anti-social, delinquent behaviour. They generally came from either abusive or non-existent home life, and our aim was to break the generational cycle and ensure they succeed.

Charles moved to Paris, France, in 2008 and created businesses in the food and beer sectors.

He was an early believer in ‘trickle down’ economics but became more disheartened by the results over the years. Trump, Covid, Black Lives Matter, etc., was a massive time of reflection. Charles is confident that the world needs to change, and 2020 was a tipping point for him.

For this purpose he took an existing business idea within his beer business and refocused it to create an exemplary corporate model based on the ideals of Inclusive Capitalism.

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