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MPAC was awarded NJ Tech Council’s STEM Innovator To Watch Award, a Hip-Hop Social Justice Film of the Year, written an award-winning young adult novel, and honored as a Harvard Hero of the Year in Newark. Anderson is uncompromising in propelling the leading diverse entrepreneurs and undeserved communities.

MPAC advises on financial inclusion, working with Civil Rights & Labor leaders, featured by NJ Legislative Black Caucus, and has testified and helped shape landmark racial justice programs for New Jersey’s Joint Committee on Economic Justice and Equal Opportunity and cannabis reform. Anderson has guided entrepreneurs at America’s premier Minority Business Incubation Network and is advising revolutionary digitization of mundane and extremely unequal contracting and capitalization processes through technology.

The MPAC Institute’s curriculum and network of top professionals from Public, Private, and Philanthropic firms, including Corporations, Governments, Sports Teams, and Universities, have a globally recognized impact on communities, economies, and the future of work.

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