Based in Peru, Salvadorean businesswoman Claudia Rosales has 25 years’ experience in business and leadership. Her career trajectory includes managerial roles in HR, contributions to High Tech, Aviation, Automotive and Consulting Firms also Global Research Institutes and has consulting for industries, manufactures, retail sectors. Through her extensive experience she has developed a passion in women’s development, empowerment, and career progression.

A pivotal turning point was her realization that the pandemic disproportionately affected women in Latin America, leading her to launch a company dedicated to aiding women’s professional resurgence post-motherhood: WOMEN E WORK.
Claudia founded WOMEN E WORK during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her previous experience as a Senior Career Development Coach spurred a fundamental redirection of focus toward championing gender parity through WOMEN E WORK. Following the departure of her two children for university, she embarked on a PhD journey, delving into the status of women in Latin America. Evident was the disproportionate toll on women—job losses and the assumption of primary caregiving responsibilities in the pandemic’s wake.

Motivated by this insight, Claudia aimed to facilitate women’s reintegration into the workforce post-motherhood. Capitalizing on an extensive network, she rallied past professional associates to join her cause. Collaboratively, a collective of 14 women representing 8 Latin American countries united to lay the groundwork for this pioneering startup, pooling their combined HR expertise. The initial stages were marked by altruism, extending pro bono aid to immigrants and the job-displaced, aiding their resurgence into economic activity. Simultaneously, the startup ventured into offering comprehensive programs to major corporations, encompassing leadership coaching and mentorship initiatives.

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