Benjamin Swan

| BECO Ventures

| Founder / CEO

The co-founder of Sustenir Agriculture, Ben is brains behind Sustenir’s patented growing techniques and its regional brand.

At Sustenir, Ben leverages and optimises existing infrastructures to revolutionise traditional farming methods for the 21st century. His patented growing systems for Sustenir bring supply to the heart of demand by providing a controlled environment to enhance produce growth.

Passionate about sustainability, Ben has recently founded BECO Ventures which focuses on technology enabling adaptive reuse and carbon footprint reduction. Ben’s goal in life is to formulate technology that gives back to communities – starting with healthy, nutritious food and with the long term aims of making a positive difference to the agricultural landscape and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Prior to starting Sustenir, Ben previously held roles in UOB and Citibank where he was Vice President of Marketing and Regional Vice President of Project Management respectively. During his time at Citibank, Ben oversaw the construction of their regional offices to meet sustainability standards. He was also a construction manager on Marina Bay Sands.

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