Bizzoly Transport & Logistics
The idea behind Working Ladies Cabs was to launch a revolutionary transportation company that will find innovative solutions to overcome all problems that undermine people's everyday life and community transformation in the DRC. With the focus on Women's empowerment, we aimed to offer a modern taxi service on-demand ride by women and rental vehicles and drivers, including a wide product package. Many technologies had been put in place, among which a mobile app UBIZCABS apps featuring latest functionality such as GPS positioning to leverage communication between driver/client, wifi onboard of vehicle, mobile payment, and secured digital payment by Visa card. While our core product was transportation, Working Ladies cabs has since expanded to offer logistics, value chain, and its driver's financial services products, including working capital finance, credit-auto, and insurance, into a partnership with M'kento.  


Bizzoly Transport and Logistics is a modern Cab Company focused primarily on urban transportation with aiming to provide high value transportation services to the growing niche of local middle to upper class and international residents of Kinshasa.

The company pivoted to become a technology company that aggregates end-to-end haulage operations to help women drivers, cargo owners, informal retails shop owners and cargo recipients to achieve an efficient mobility, logistics, E-payment and supply chain framework.

The social innovation behind Bizzoly Transport and logistics is the program called «Women of the future,» which allows women with low income to gain credit for tricycles; or micro-loan of the fast-moving products for local retail under the M’kento women digital bank.

On top of that, the company as taken it social responsibility, by offering job opportunity to underserved women during this period after the covid-19 pandemic, as the social and economic situation in the DRC is becoming worse. These women have a new revenue stream through diverse types of credit given to them, starting with auto credit.

Patricia Nzolantima

Founder and Chairwoman, Bizzoly Transport & Logistics

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BIZZOLY TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS, through its women empowerment hub, commits by 2025 to support 1,000,000 women to become entrepreneurs through transportation, logistics, and the value chain.

Activities & Initiatives

BIZZOLY TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS will empower women through transportation, shifting perceptions about women's capabilities, driver training, vehicle maintenance training, artisan training.  Our mission through our Hub is to build Africa's first digital payment and banking platform tailored for women. We aim to empower, enable and educate women across Africa to foster sustainable economic growth, create jobs and promote gender equality.

Measures & Targets

BIZZOLY TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS commits by 2025 to support 1,000,000 women to become entrepreneurs through transportation, logistics, and the value chain. Statistics show that in most African countries, women's use and knowledge of ICTs (to store, share, organize and process information) is less than men's, limiting their options if generating income and chance to network with a larger group. By 2022, Bizzoly Transport and Logistics, in partnership with Visa International, Ecobank, and Veericash, is launching Africa's first digital-only women's bank (M'kento Digital Bank). It will rival the current offerings on the African landscape by delivering Africa's largest women in business' financial digital institution, leading financial transactions, through an innovative, matchless, and diversified fintech proposition that incorporates digital banking, mobile money, and fintech aggregation. The app will not only support women who are making revenue through our program but will enable them to accelerate the growth of their businesses and provide access to basic and advanced financial services, including transfers, merchant payments, cross border transactions, low-cost credit lines, and capital instruments such as e-shares to support their financial independence and wealth creation. M'Kento aims to be Africa's largest women in business' digital financial institution, leading in financial transactions through an innovative, well-designed, and comprehensive fintech platform incorporating digital banking, mobile money, and fintech aggregation.

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