As 2022 draws to a close, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism celebrates new milestones and looks ahead with excitement to renewed action in the new year. We asked our members, “What gives you hope for the future of inclusive capitalism”? Watch as they share their outlook for 2023 and beyond.

Member quotes:

“Despite all the problems that our world faces today… we are making progress as a society. The information age… is forcing more transparency and inclusiveness. It’s allowing people to hear and to be heard and to have open debates about very fundamental and important issues like inequality and human rights, climate change, and political or economic systems.” – Niels Lorijn, CEO, Capdesia Group

“I believe in humanity and kindness for action, and I believe in cooperation and collaboration. Collaboration helps networks and businesses innovate more effectively and to achieve their concrete goals in a more efficient way” – Ravindra Ngo, CEO, The Asian Network

“It takes a village. Only by working together can we hope to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy.” – Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO, Competent Boards

“What gives me hope is that if we can do it, everyone else can.” – David Katz, CEO, Plastic Bank

“We are in an economic headwind right now. However, accomplishing our goals and targets in the midst of such a situation will lead to gaining the trust of society. It will become an intangible asset of the company and is essential for the company to grow and sustain for the future.” – Takeshi Niinami, CEO,  Suntory Holdings Ltd.

“I am very encouraged by conversations with people from various socio-economic backgrounds, racial and age groups, and genders about the importance of financial inclusion.” – David Dwumah, CEO,  OurBanc Corporation

“I have hope because the people involved in the work of sustainability are changing the world. If we have more diversity and inclusivity in the way we are doing business, we will have a better world.” – Patricia Nzolantima, CEO, Bizzoly Transport and Logistics


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