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| CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Andy Chan is a young entrepreneur, intrapreneur and business consultant with expertise in ESG business transformation, entrepreneurship, and innovation. He studied for his Master’s degree (Research) in Business Transformation from the University of Warwick, UK. During his studies, he conducted research in the field of “Business model transformation driven by ESG Compliance” and gained experience in business consultancy and transformation in the “Lille Business Model Conference, France”. He worked on several projects with UK companies in the Warwick Accelerator Team, helping them link to VC & PE networks, align services to the demand of large businesses, and develop growth strategies.

Currently, Andy is the Partner of Flair Capital, Director of Rabbit Energy and the CEO of THINK ESG Limited, which is the Sustainability Development arm of Union Services & Registrars Inc. The company’s mission is to assist listed or pre-IPO companies in formulating ESG strategies and follow through with integrated and investment advisory solutions to increase profitability, enhance brand value, and capture growth opportunities from the global movement against climate change.

Additionally, he has earned Certificate in ESG Investing from the CFA Institute and Certified ESG Planner from the International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD). In addition to his professional certification, Andy is also a Committee Member of the WGO & UN ESCAP Sustainable Investing and ESG Conference 2022 and Committee Vice Chairman & Mentor of the WGO ESG Accelerator (a Cyberport Hong Kong qualified accelerator support programme).

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