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I’m a big supporter of entrepreneurial ecosystems and social impact initiatives. Currently a Masters student at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and researching the “social economy” with a particular interest in collaboration methods for value creation.  Advisor to social enterprises and investor in several early-stage companies making positive social and/or environmental impacts.  I love ‘tech-for-good’ initiatives focussed on supporting the the “social economy’ including volunteer associations, charities, NGOs, cooperatives, and social businesses, as well as the broader economy.

Impact Planet is a startup initiative, formed by a like-minded group of family and friends, to support growing communities of sustainability and impact oriented organisations and individuals.  We aim to support and promote greater opportunity for more purposeful careers but, essentially, also provide improved mechanisms for relevant knowledge-sharing and learning to disseminate the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for more sustainable societies and economies.

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