Amelia Lopez Huix

| MCI International

| Owner and General Partner

Amelia is the owner and General Partner of MCI Partners, a United Nations certified consulting group working as a trusted partner with heads of state, government ministries, development agencies and business leaders on their most pressing issues on gender equality and economics.

MCI Partners strategic support to gender equality supports countries and companies towards delivering gender economic governance in business strategy and operations. This support is critical to economic sectors and economic growth.

Amelia is credited with bringing the craft of gender equality in global development risks to financial markets and establishing gender economic governance as an academic discipline. As an executive speaker, she advises leading executives, asset managers, diplomats, and heads of state.

Since the founding of MCI Partners in 2010, Amelia has been committed to promoting gender justice, not only as a basic human right but also as intrinsic to the global goals and as an instrument for the achievement of the UN 2030 global agenda. Under her expertise in government relations and the pillar SDG5 on gender economic equity, Amelia supports the implementation of the national policy on economic parity and mainstreaming through capacity building, knowledge sharing and policy advice to national entities on measures to ensure that strategies are aligned with national priorities.

A mother of four daughters, Amelia is a former IT Managing Director for Global Multinationals and a former Spanish Swim Team Member for the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992.

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