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Mr. Qureshi has more than two decades of field-based experience with a focus on ecosystem-based climate compatible development, sustainable agroforestry, food security, climate-induced disaster risk reduction & management through adaptation & mitigation approaches, livelihoods development, and poverty alleviation. He is involved in multi-focal projects and programs taking care of research, development, entrepreneurship, and public policy for sustainable development and community-based ecological conservation and market-led climate-smart agriculture with more than 100,000 farmers in line with the water-energy-food security nexus throughout Pakistan. He has the pride of running one of the most sustainable entrepreneurship-based innovative programs for the resource-poor farmers with the aims of poverty alleviation in Sindh with 2,000 farmers since 1991 with a focus on eliminating Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) from Pakistan. In this program, he has contributed a lot of time to enhance its scale and scope by increasing the number of secondary adopters at the national level. For the last 2 decades, he has been working with Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI), and LEAD-Pakistan as one of its Fellows to mobilize and effectively engage the partners and stakeholders for climate compatible & social development. Moreover, he is also looking after a dynamic voluntary network of Non-Government Individuals (NGIs) as its focal person in Pakistan for creating socio-economic development change in society with the active involvement of youth. He has also been running collaborative capacity-building projects in partnership with UNDP, AKRSP, Kuchlak Welfare Society (KWS), Human Development Foundation (HDF), and the corporate sector by managing multi-stakeholders partnership involving communities, NGOs, academia, government, and the private sector organizations. Over the span of 3 decades, he has successfully completed more than 100 development projects in almost all geographical areas of Pakistan.

Mr. Qureshi is also one of the dynamic fellows of LEAD-Pakistan and Convener Executive Committee of Islamabad LEAD-Club (ILC) which is one of the local chapters of LEAD representing fellows from about 75 development organizations in the capital city. He possesses in-depth skills in project development, resource mobilization, networking, strategic planning, systems thinking, business plan development, and organizing a wide range of theme-based events. Moreover, he is also serving on the Board of some development organizations.

Mr. Qureshi’s strengths lie in strong analytical skills and determination to complete the agreed tasks with efficient time and team management triggered by the power of social networking, bringing people together on a common platform, and building partnerships for sustainable impacts. Being undaunted by the complexity of issues, he possesses the stamina and has the capacity to deliver results under extreme pressure with the ability to continue working with perseverance irrespective of the outside distractions.

He has managed of being physically fit, mentally alert, socially tolerant, and spiritually composed with the remarkable leadership skills to accept challenges, create change, bring people together, develop innovative approaches, and set off the team spirit among his cohorts to achieve the milestones. He is very passionate to travel all across the world, meet a diverse range of communities and create visible change. Believing in ‘Nothing is Impossible’ he is traveling to a destination where there is a great success despite many obstacles in the way.

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Capacity Building of WWF-Pakistan’s CBOs on Sustainable Management and Protection of Mangrove Forests in the Coastal Areas of Pakistan

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