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Briana Hart – a former Wall Street executive – started buyVerde in 2020.  At the forefront of sustainable investing trends for large financial institutions on Wall Street, Briana realized consumers didn’t have the same access to this information. But consumers arguably have more power with their daily purchasing decisions to drive change than they do in their investment portfolio.

Briana saw an opportunity where easy access to “ESG” information – Environmental, Social Change and Giving trends for a company or product – would save consumers hours of research and bring transparency and honesty to company’s sustainability claims. She believes that each person has their own purchasing journey, but together we can effect change.

Briana is a Board Member of Family Centers, a nonprofit offering education, health and human services to children, adults and families in Fairfield County.  She previously served as a National Board Member of Room to Grow, and has supported several local nonprofits including the Greenwich Land Trust and the Greenwich Historical Society.  She resides in Greenwich, CT with her husband and three boys.

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