Alberto Horcajo


| Chairman of the Board

Alberto Horcajo was appointed Chair of Fundación Impactun in 2018, after over a decade as a member of the Board of Trustees. He also sits in the Development and Outreach Committee, pursuing multiple initiatives to support young talent as they study at Universidad de Navarra benefiting from Impactun’s scholarship programs.

With over thirty years of experience in C-suite roles in transportation and telecoms, he leads a shared networks venture and serves in the Board and Audit and Risk Committees of several telecoms, manufacturing and transportation companies. He is also a member of the Universidad de Navarra Audit and Finance Committee. An alumnus of Universidad Complutense, Columbia University and Stanford University, he is a 2023 Competent Boards Climate & Biodiversity Designation Program candidate. Alberto lives with his wife in Madrid, Spain. They have five children.

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