We are a global community of business leaders taking action for an economy that works for all.

Inclusive capitalism is a call for a more equitable and sustainable economic system. One that goes beyond the pursuit of profit to include the well-being of all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism hosts the most comprehensive public platform of private sector actions aimed at profitably creating value for everyone — employees, communities, shareholders, and the planet. Our members bring their best ideas and business actions to the platform, sharing their learnings and strategies others can adopt to generate positive social and environmental impact.

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Private and public sector leaders share their best ideas and business actions for more inclusive and sustainable economies on the Council for Inclusive Capitalism’s platform. They also come to learn form the best ideas and actions of others. Meet our members and explore their work to address capitalism’s greatest social and environmental challenges.

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Leaders of every business, of all sizes and across sectors and geographies, contribute to this movement. What is your best idea or action for inclusive capitalism? Join us, and share it with our community.

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Workers and communities are part of the energy transition

Visit our private sector-focused guide for a just energy transition to explore concrete actions companies in any industry can take to meet net-zero goals in ways that improve the quality of life of  workers, communities, and consumers.

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Photo of Yamazaki Distillery courtesy of Suntory Holdings Ltd. 

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From taxis and energy jobs to whiskey and chocolate bars, Council for Inclusive Capitalism member companies are demonstrating business at its best. Read our latest magazine to hear from business leaders what they have learned while putting inclusive capitalism into action.


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