TradeBRICS was created to solve financial exclusion, mitigate fraud, and increase international mobility. Addressing financial exclusion in Africa's predominantly cash-first market, TradeBRICS digitizes how underserved retailers purchase products from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. By using transaction and order history to build custom credit profiles, these retailers can access much-needed finance from our partners to grow their businesses, as well as have goods delivered to their shops through our logistics partners so they don't have to close for the day and lose out on valuable income. With further analytics, retailers and B2B businesses can track how their products are moving across informal and formal markets, locally and internationally. Addressing fraud in emerging markets, TradeBRICS turns fragmented and often overlooked supplier data into a unified online identity that's easy to understand and assess. We do this to enable companies to better understand their suppliers and the markets they operate in. TradeBRICS eliminates manual and repetitive verification tasks for B2B businesses, so they can focus on growth and revenue. Addressing international mobility, we have partnered with international and local governments through trade embassies, chambers of commerce, and economic development boards to upskill businesses and increase the market opportunities our members can access. Our holistic approach to trade directly benefits and increases the GDP of the economies we work with.


Our mission is to create new, transparent, and sustainable supply chains that include Africa’s most underserved communities.

Shaarad Maharaj


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We believe it is vital to state clearly to the world the set of our beliefs about Inclusive Capitalism. As such, we start with our Statement of Guiding Principles for Inclusive Capitalism. Knowing that words alone are not enough, each of us is making a series of commitments about how we will operate our institutions so that they help achieve Inclusive Capitalism. These commitments are forward-looking statements based on current goals, expectations and assumptions, which are not guarantees of future performance. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use

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TradeBRICS will promote inclusive economic opportunities for underserved and diverse businesses who are mainly Women, youth, small and rural owned businesses by facilitating $10 Billion in cross-border trade opportunities by 2030.

Activities & Initiatives

TradeBRICS is connecting and digitising 100 million businesses from underserved communities across emerging markets to regional and international markets by 2030 whilst engaging stakeholders around the world to promote inclusive economic growth, remove barriers to trade, and create greater market access opportunities for underserved entrepreneurs through our import-export digital platform and enterprise and supplier development turnkey solutions.

TradeBRICS is actively working with over 30 international Governments, Chambers of Commerce, International Trade Organizations, Export Agencies and Embassies to transform vulnerable communities consisting largely of lower-income households into the new middle- and uppler-class with increased purchasing power by promoting inclusive economic opportunities and job creation for Women and youth in vulnerable communities through our import-export digital platform.

TradeBRICS in partnership with international Governments and trade organizations are the catalyst for inclusion of underserved and vulnerable SMMEs into the mainstream economic ecosystem by promoting and facilitating increased cross-border trade opportunities. 

Measures & Targets

TradeBRICS will measure progress by tracking income increased in local economies with a goal of reaching $10000000000.


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Recognizing it will take alignment of all our organizations to scale impact globally, we invite you to join the movement as a Steward of Inclusive Capitalism. Together, the collective action of Council members will contribute to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future for all people and our planet.