Re:Coded is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates economic advancement for diverse tech talent, pledging to impact 1 million people by 2035. We inspire, educate and prepare underserved talent to succeed in the workforce of today and tomorrow by providing access to market driven technical and careers skills training (courses and bootcamps) and jobs and career mobility in the tech industry.


Technology is transforming work in just about every sector of the global economy—and while these advances have created unparalleled opportunities for many, underserved populations still face systemic barriers in accessing quality education, training and job opportunities required to improve their economic and social mobility in a changing landscape.

At Re:Coded, we create inclusive upskilling and employment pathways for underserved talent so that they can thrive in the global digital economy and make substantive improvements to their lives.

Together with our partners, we are rethinking pathways into and through the technology sector, with a goal to create more diverse talent pipelines and fundamentally reimagine the education and workforce systems in which we operate.

Alexandra Clare

CEO, Re:Coded

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