GRINista is a youth run non-profit based in India that is working to promote the mission of sustainable development. Started in 2021 as a project by Suraj Singh, the organisation has witnessed several essential strategic shifts in its operations to gain its current form where it has 3 key functional areas:

1. Aware and Engage: This is done through several online channels, newsletters and conducting offline events/competitions on topics at the intersection of sustainability.

2. Suggestions and Interventions: Through our research on primary topics around us, we develop practical solutions for that problem and apply that to policies and interventions for public and private stakeholders.

3. Direct Projects: Through our direct on-ground projects such as tree plantation drives, we at GRINista are involved in several direct service projects. We participate in many community interventions as a direct stakeholder in our operations as well. Due to the GRINista culture of being a humane organisation that respects individuals and gives proper opportunity for talent to blossom, it has been able to attract professionals and students from different backgrounds to grow its team base to 100+ members. We are a group of motivated people who have been working tirelessly towards the cause of sustainability.


GRINista's purpose is to work towards a more sustainable world where sustainability is centered and wealth distribution is in alignment with climate needs. We are trying to achieve this through several collaborations and on-the-ground projects. We are driven to:

1. Empower and educate the people or organization that is working towards the mission of sustainable development, 2. Execute our several projects to have a direct impact on the people we serve, as well as long term life-changing impacts.

Suraj Singh

Founder, GRINista

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