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Suraj Singh is a graduate in literature from Hindu College, University of Delhi. He initiated GRINista as a project during the COVID-19 when he recognized the need to distribute food among the local underprivileged who struggled to get food during the lockdown period. After serving for a period of few months, the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated lockdown was bound to end, and it did end, but the motto to serve the society could not. This time it was initiated to cast an even bigger impact and that’s how the current journey of GRINista began!

Suraj Singh has been leading GRINista since May 2021. Inviting people to join the team, contribute to sustainability, asking to join hands together in this mission, and at the same time has completed several strategic shifts to transform the organization into its current form, which is reaching thousands of students each month through its online content, newsletters, offline events/competition,projects etc.

Suraj is a serial entrepreneur and is founder of an another start up called Biz Glows, which serves the small and medium enterprises of India as a ‘one stop’ platform to help solve all their needs. In the initial phases of GRINista this another organization Biz Glows was supportive.

Singh is a poet and author who published a poetry book called “KYON- Dastan Khoj Ki ” in 2019. Suraj has written columns for prestigious newspapers like Nav Bharat Times on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, start ups, founders, social impact, etc.

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