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Competent Boards provides ESG and Climate training programs for board directors, senior executives, investors and those who advise them. Our Designation and Certificate programs offer deeply informed knowledge and insight from some of the world’s most respected board directors, strategists, and advisors, instilling the skills needed to achieve world class governance and become a future-fit leader.

Our two flagship programs are offered in two formats - live interactive with dozens of international expert speakers and up to 32 cohort members from across the globe, and a Self-Study program to take at your own pace using the same high quality course materials:

ESG Designation Program (GCB.D)

Identify and act upon the most material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of your business. Discuss current case studies and dilemmas, and receive insight from over 100 globally renowned experts with recommended readings, tools, emerging best practices, and questions that will help you create value, resiliency, and enhance good governance. 12 Strategic topic areas include:

ESG • Climate • Diversity • Human Rights • Supply Chain • SDGs • Anti-Corruption • Responsible Data Use • Cybersecurity • Tax • Investment • Pay • Engagement • Disclosure

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ESG Certificate Program

If you can't commit to 12 regular sessions at the same time, then our Certificate Program can fill your ESG training needs. Learn at your own pace and own time over six months. Our Certificate Program will enrich your understanding of the critical components of good ESG performance, as well as enhance important competencies essential for you to be an effective, insightful board director or senior business professional. You will understand how to better respond to new enterprise risk, business complexity, technological disruptions, and social and environmental obligations. Learn more.

Climate Designation Program (CCB.D)

This program provides corporate board directors and mid-to-senior management executives with an in-depth understanding of climate risk to business, the challenges and opportunities that climate change and net-zero present, and actionable advice from dozens of global experts on how to transition effectively. Learn more. 

Climate Certificate Program (CCB.D)

During this six-month, self-guided program, you will learn how to practically assess and debate approaches to climate stewardship, as well as contributing more deeply to effective boardroom and/or executive management discussions. Along the way, you will gain the insights and tools that you need to be confident in providing oversight and foresight on the latest climate-related issues that all board members and senior management executives must master. Learn more. 


The mission of Competent Boards is to provide as many board directors and senior executives with ESG and Climate training as quickly as possible, to enable better corporate decision-making and faster, more effective transitioning to net-zero.

Helle Bank Jorgensen

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Competent Boards

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