Co-Creating Mutual Value Collaborative

At the Co-Creating Mutual Value Collaborative, we identify and study the business pioneers in creating mutual value that supports the Un SDG's. We learn from these pioneers and share what learn. Based on this research and our own experience, we then develop (and widely share) fresh ideas about strategies, principles and mindsets useful for Co-Creating Mutual Value. Finally, we translate our research, experience and fresh ideas into a customizable Roadmap - a practical set of steps and activities – which we share widely.


Our 2030 Vision A tipping point of businesses and their ecosystem partners are prospering by actively building a better world as part of their core strategies. By doing so they have created unimagined gains in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They are trusted and valued by the communities in which they operate and abound with energy, commitment and innovation-with everyone experiencing prosperity, dignity, equity, meaning, and community.

Bernard Mohr

Founding Partner & President, Co-Creating Mutual Value Collaborative

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