Ravi Chaudhry

| CeNext Consulting Group

| Founder Chairman

Ravi Chaudhry is a change-maker, a much sought-after mentor and transformational coach to CEOs, corporate Boards and family enterprises, on Leveraging Reality to Re-create a New Strategy for our Future”.  Former Chairman of Tata Group companies, and Founder Chairman of CeNext Group, he regularly leads Board dialogues and workshops, to empower the leadership teams to break out of the gravitational pull of the past prejudices and take cognizance of the new realities.

“This is the time to discover your dormant strengths, re-invent yourself as a person, as a leader, and reset everything relating to your life and work. Your future and the future of your organization depend upon the choices you make today,” says Ravi. To make the right choices, he persistently reiterates the need to ask the right questions.

He engages you in a heart-to-heart conversation to lead you on a journey from the ‘leadership base camp’ to the ‘Summit of Exceptional Leadership’ – with a new sense of unbiased, real-time ‘awareness’. He naturally inspires people in enlightening ways, and empowers them with discernment to acknowledge what is no longer relevant, and acumen to identify anomalies before they become trends.

He is a Fellow of World Business Academy, and Co-Chair, EthicMark® Judges Panel USA. Often referred to as leadership guru, he is also a Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar. His clients include leading Fortune 1000 corporations, and Governments of Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Austria, Norway, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and many more. He is a Mechanical Engineer and has worked as Factory Manger, General Sales Manager, and as CEO and Chairman, in a wide spectrum of manufacturing and service sectors.

His book, ‘QUEST FOR EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP: MIRAGE TO REALITY’, where he introduces the concept of “Leadership with a 720-Degree View”, has been globally acclaimed as a “contemporary masterpiece, a rare combination of sound business thinking and accessible philosophy, and the best book on leadership in years.” He is presently writing a new book on issues relating to ‘Reinventing Democracy and Leadership’.


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