Felix Malitsky

| Fortis Lux Financial

| Founding Partner

As the founder of the Manhattan-based financial firm Fortis Lux Financial, Felix envisioned creating a microcosm of opportunity for its clients and its financial professionals and support team. “This is a firm that’s comprised of go-getters who want to help other go-getters, ” he says. “The message to our clients is the same as the one we give to our team members, namely: ‘If you have a dream, we want to help you succeed!”

Felix, who actively served in the military for years, grew up in suburban Connecticut and immersed himself in athletics while in high school. After college, financial services seemed like the perfect environment for someone with boundless energy and talent for developing people. He started as an advisor in 2002 and quickly rose through the ranks of management. He served in leadership roles at American Express Financial Advisors and MetLife before founding Fortis Lux.

While leadership comes naturally to him, and he is by temperament a driver, Felix recognizes that the essence of authentic leadership is service. This belief in large part explains the high financial professional retention rate within the firm, as well as its strong culture.

The financial services industry has widely recognized Felix for his leadership and performance. He is dedicated to giving back and supports charitable organizations that help veterans and their families. In 2017 Crain’s New York named Fortis Lux one of the 100 Best Places to Work in New York City

A graduate of The University of Connecticut, Felix holds a BA in History. For fun, he enjoys competing in Tough Mudder, skydiving, judo, bungee jumping and is a fan of football and college wrestling.

He and his wife, Donatella, are the proud parents of twins.

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