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Born and raised in the former Soviet Union, having lived through its 1991 breakup, Dimi Yar (Dmitriy Yaroslavskiy) immigrated to the United States in 1994 at the age of 20.

By then, Dimi had completed three years towards an Economics Degree at the renowned Academy of Public Service in St. Petersburg, Russia, established by then-President Boris Yeltsin to raise a new generation of public servants for post-Soviet Russia.

Having settled with his parents and sister in New York City, Dimi was accepted into the New York University’s STERN School of Business in 1995 on an academic scholarship, graduating in three years with Honors (Cum Laude) and a Bachelor of Science degree with a dual major in CPA Accounting and Finance, having worked 2-3 days per week to support himself and his family, including as an Accounting Research Analyst at the National Directorate of Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC) in his senior year.

After graduation, Dimi joined the Financial Services Audit and Advisory practice at PwC, and after two years, having earned his CPA, joined Deutsche Bank as a Controller.

Dimi spent a total of 13 years at Deutsche Bank, enjoying one of the fastest career progressions from Associate to Director, with the last six years spent as the Head of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) at Deutsche Asset Management (now DWS), where he was recognized for designing the “Best in Class” Strategic Planning process which reduced the organizational planning efforts from 6 months to 6 weeks and still delivering on all its goals.

After a short stint as a Divisional Financial Officer at AIG and a career break, Dimi joined Allianz Global Investors in 2015, where he co-headed the FP&A function in the US before taking on the global Head of Management Reporting role at the company headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, where he lived and worked for six years.

Dimi left Allianz in 2022 to launch VOSA Income Inequality Solutions after uncovering the key to solving Income Inequality crisis and Workplace crises and packaging such “key” into a business-friendly certifiable compensation plan he called “Value of Service Award” (“VOSA”). This plan remains uniquely powerful and effective in addressing the common gaps in corporate compensation systems – the Employee Recognition Gap and the Employee Participation Gap – which were proven as the main drivers behind the Income Inequality, Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and Talent Shortage crises.

By 2023, Dimi assembled a global and diverse “core” team of expert VOSA Advisors with HR, Compensation, Behavioral Psychology, Gain Sharing/Organizational Development, and Employer Branding backgrounds, complementing Dimi’s prowess in Finance, who helped refine and expand VOSA solutions to a variety of organizations, governments, and geographies.

A natural advocate and a prolific writer, Dimi gained a “cult” following on LinkedIn, for his direct, passionate writing style, dispelling myths about Capitalism and Socialism, exposing corporate hypocrisy, and incompetent business practices, challenging long-held beliefs and the intellectually lazy, dogmatic and woefully inadequate political and business arguments creating artificial divides and pitting the “Right” vs the “Left” and “Workers” vs “Owners/Management” with policies focused on Taxes, Unions and Wages, which he had proven to have little to do with root causes of the socio-economic crises and with real solutions.

Dimi has become known as a thought leader, expert authority, and innovator in Fair Compensation, revolutionary “JHC” (Job-Human-Company) Employee Value Framework, Loyalty Premium, Value of Employee Tenure, Value of Human Capital beyond Skills and Performance, Pay Equality, Social Equity vs Meritocratic Pay Equity, Pay Transparency, Tenure-based Employee Profit-Sharing.

While VOSA is still an early-stage startup, looking for business and political leaders with the courage to challenge their own beliefs and try something new, Dimi’s ideas are gaining traction, and we have no doubt that 2024 will be the ‘Year of VOSA”.

Dimi is also Co-Chair of the Financial Executives Networking Group, Frankfurt Branch, and President of “Share25”, a US-based non-profit, advocating for a universal 25% Tenure-Based Employee Profit-Sharing as a critical economic policy for the governments in free-market democracies looking to deliver inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity to their citizens.

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