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Daniel is a passionate aerospace engineer turned social entrepreneur, dedicated to driving positive societal change through innovation. As a co-founder of Circleg, he employs a holistic approach to develop affordable lower-limb prosthetic systems for amputees in low- to middle-income countries, creating local value chains and using innovative manufacturing processes. Championing stakeholder capitalism, planet-centric design, and circular economy, his work aims for global impact.

His technical acumen was honed at the renowned ETH Zurich, and later as CTO at noonee, a Swiss startup pioneering wearable ergonomic solutions. He holds a significant 5-year tenure there, spearheading research and development efforts and leading a team of engineers in creating a passive exoskeleton aimed at reducing strain injuries among assembly workers worldwide.

As a regional contact for the Burning Man Project in Switzerland, Daniel cultivates an inclusive culture that encourages civic responsibility, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. He is also an active alumni member and former Vice Curator of the Global Shapers Community, a network of young change-makers that was born from the World Economic Forum, dedicated to addressing global challenges head-on.

With a professional journey marked by technical prowess, innovative thinking, and a drive to make a difference, Daniel is a transformative force in the realm of social entrepreneurship.

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