Antoinette Jackson

| SuperBee

| CEO & Founder

Australian-born Antoinette Jackson founded SuperBee Wax Wraps in 2016. Living in Northern Thailand, she was troubled by the overwhelming problem of single-use plastics, and driven to develop a sustainable product to tackle this problem.

From her kitchen at home, Antoinette looked to the wisdom of the past and her grandmother’s method of preserving food to develop her beeswax mix and reinvented the durable, reusable beeswax wrap – a plastic-free alternative to plastic food wrap that can be reused for up to 2 years then composted.

Inspired by her deep connection with nature during her childhood on the family farm, higher education in Japan, and work as a tour guide and nutritionist, Antoinette built SuperBee based on a holistic business model that works in harmony with nature and for the benefit of the people around it.

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