Anjali Patil

| Earth & Organics

| CEO, Founder

Over the next decade, the work done around promoting sustainability will be key to the future generations. After more than a decade of corporate job, Anjali decided to start Earth & Organics, that would strive to work with the eco-system, with appropriate technological innovations, make it possible for both, natural resources, and humans to thrive along-side in harmony. A collaborative and collective approach by all the key stakeholders of the economy is required, and we envision participating and creating frameworks where necessary for a more sustainable future.

Promoting sustainability in our daily lives was the key reason for founding the company, where the intentions and focus have evolved through many years. Clean food has been a major concern we are addressing via our retail business. As Anjali completed a year into the business, it did not take long to realize that there are other key sustainability related issues where the solutions are not tough to implement, however requires a great deal of synchronization among various stakeholders.

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