Future Generations Afghanistan (FGA)
The main areas of work of FGA include Local Governance, Food Security and Agriculture, Humanitarian Assistance, Environmental Conservation, and Action Research for Knowledge Development


FGA Strives for a just and lasting change in which the poor and vulnerable persons or communities can access opportunities.

Core Values:

1. Promote separated groups' beliefs to reach across differences and shape a shared future.

2. Respect humanitarian principles (humanity, impartiality, neutrality, and independence) and apply them to the organization's operations.
Mobilizes interests of family, children, and community wellbeing by women.

3. Emphasizes equity, empowerment, and self-confidence especially among vulnerable and marginalized members of the community

4. Promotes partnership among communities, external actors and the government in a way that strengthens and enables communities to address their priorities with local skills and resources.

Ajmal Shirzai

Country Director, Future Generations Afghanistan (FGA)

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