Energy Peace Partners
Energy Peace Partners (EPP) is a nonprofit that supports renewable energy as a building block for peace, resilience, and opportunity. We believe that renewable energy delivers a range of positive outcomes that contribute to building peaceful, stable societies, but the communities with the most to gain are losing out on the benefits of the renewable energy boom. EPP developed the "Peace Renewable Energy Credit" (P-REC) in order to unlock new renewable energy investment that extends the promise of the renewable energy revolution to the planet’s most vulnerable communities. At a time of accelerating renewable energy growth and corporate commitments to environmental and social goals, P-RECs connect voluntary renewable energy markets with parts of the world where a greener development path can have a transformative social impact.


Energy Peace Partners leverages climate and finance solutions to promote peace in the world's most fragile regions.

Our climate-sensitive approach expands the existing toolkit for peace and development by extending the renewable energy revolution to some of the planet’s most vulnerable populations. We address the intersection of energy poverty, conflict risk, and climate vulnerability to demonstrate the peace dividends of clean energy.

David Mozersky

President, Energy Peace Partners

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